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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

water water everywhere


in the austin area there is water water everywhere
flooding all over the place
even the lady bird lake is flooding some of the streets of downtown
those streets that are always flooding with the rains are really
really flooded now
austin has gotten so much rain in the last few weeks that it
has nowhere to go
but out


the sad part of all this rain up to 8-12 inches last night
is that hardly any is falling here at the country n
which is about 45 miles north of downtown austin

and not that much is falling in the watershed of the highland lakes
and especially lake travis which supplies the water to so many
of the cities including austin in this area

the river that is near our house is part of the watershed for
lake georgetown which provides water for several communities
in the area also

if we had that much rain here that austin had we would hear the
roaring of the river think multiple steam engine trains
thats how noisy it would be

nothing here but the pleasant sprinkling on our metal roof which helped
us sleep last night

so the end result of all this water is that the important lakes around
here arent going to fill up and benefit completely from all this rain
most of it will flow downstream into the gulf of mexico
which doesnt really need it since its slowly rising anyway

in next weeks election here in texas there is a amendment to the
constitution proposition 6
(why does the constitution have to be amended)
to allow the state to take money from the 'rainy day fund'
(how appropo)
which builds up from all the states oil land gas revenues
and use it for a statewide water plan

yes despite all this rain weve received this month
there is and will continue to be a severe water shortage
in this area and probably throughout texas

is this the answer
i do worry about who will be profiting from all this
someone must be since there is an awful lot of money
being thrown into this election to get it passed
follow the money they always say

something has to be done
this isnt the answer but it may be the only something that will
be offered

are we all going to continue to waste water like we have been
doing when we get this bolus of water
we will unless we are forced to by laws or by water shortage

we here at the country n are sensitive to water shortages and
water conservation since we totally rely on mother nature
to provide our water for us
without conservation we would at times run out of water

it is with texas
without conservation we may be all be in the country n boat

then theres the corruption and greed that you know is coming
there are those with the power and the influence that will
benefit the most financially

that said
there is no real answer out there
i would really like to see this money used to improve our states
poor standing in the nation in education and healthcare
especially for women and children
but i know in this present political climate thats not going to

how do our politicians sleep good at night

so i probably will vote for it
but i will not feel good about it
since i know what will happen
without water we wont survive

the organicgreen doctor

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