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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

obamacare here i come


my premiums for health care jumped today as i get my insurance
from my wife shes work as a school teacher
she pays $100 a month for her coverage since we get the best
choice on her schools plans
to add me my premiums went up from $500+ to $1000 a month
im quite interested in the rates and coverage on the new obamacare
or affordable care insurance that will be offered in texas
you know the one that rick and many of the congressmen in washington
are trying to keep us from getting

i went on a website this morning by the kaiser foundation that lets
you estimate what your premiums would be for your particular situation
this morning i put in mine
i will be able to get a comparable policy to the one the school offers
for $532 a month
since my wife is an underpaid school teacher there may be some
subsidy available that would drop my premiums down to $149.91

lets see $1000-$532=$468 x 12 months=$5616
thats how much i would save in premiums
by using the new exchanges that are available
sorry rick so far you havent won
you have managed to leave a lot of the 25% of people in texas
uninsured because of you opposition to obamacare
states like arkansas whose leaders opposed the idea got an exception
that allows those uninsured people to buy private insurance using those
billions that rick didnt want to insure their needy residents

also if i get a subsidized premium i would save
$1000-$149.91=$850.09 x12 months=$10201.08

it seems a nobrainer to me

so i went to www.healthcare.gov this morning and followed the menu
i was able to set up an account but there were so many people who
were on the website that i had to wait awhile
i was able to get to a form my wife shes school has to fill out
verifying that they offered insurance that met the basics of the law
then i submit that
i was not able to get further as the numbers of people online increased
so i decided to wait for another day to process my stuff

it did give me a list of what i needed
my social security number
my last years tax reform since ill use that to estimate next years income

then i eventually will be able to get to the list of 47 options available here
in texas so i can compare them to the coverage i have now

my goal is to find one that has the best coverage and that has the
hospitals and physicians that i use and like to use
remember thats important when you are looking at a plan
make sure your doctors you want to use and the hospitals are on the plan

as i process through my application ill continue to post my progress
i have three months to do this since the earliest it will go into effect will be
january 1 2014
and ill save somewhere between $468 to $850 a month by getting
my obamacare insurance

i also checked to see what my son who is 31 single self employed would
pay in the state he lives in

based on his income next year he wont qualify for subsidies
he should have been a teacher

so the best policy would be about $285-341 a month
he now pays $270 a month for similar coverage
however his policy he has now is grandfathered in and doesnt have
a lot of the patient protection features like no life time amounts etc that
the obamacare policies do

when he goes online and does his application he will eventually get
to the companies and can compare the coverages
he does have the advantage of the organicgreen doctor to help him

here is the link to start your application
it will probably be overwhelmed for awhile

here is the kaiser foundation link where you can calculate
an estimated premium and whether you qualify for a subsidy
click here

in summary
dont let the politicians the naysayers news media hypers mess with you
on getting affordable care
go to these links to see if you will benefit
i will and so will my son
my wife wont

look closely at what the plan choices cover and compare them to what
you have now
remember some of you have policies that are grandfathered in and dont
have a lot of the protections that these obamacare policies have

if the doctor and hospitals you use are important to you be sure and
look at whether they are on the new plans
you should also call your doctor and hospital to be sure they are on the
plan you want to select

the sad thing about all this is that in texas with its high uninsured numbers
the highest in the united states
thanks to rick they will be left out
but if they lived in other states like arkansas and california they would be
able to get coverage

who pays for these uninsured
we do
the hospitals do
the doctors do
rick does indirectly

the organicgreen doctor

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