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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

there you go again

Image result for ronald reagan
president reagan said those famous words years ago
at a political debate
i think
elizabeth warren mutters it everyday
Image result for elizabeth warren
i think whether you are a democrat or republican or independent
or nothing
you need to like her
like ive said before she is on our side
she is watching out for our best interest
the not rich guys
no matter their political persuasion

we have to have someone like her up there
to be a thorn in the side of those who
got us in all that financial mess we were in

i think you will like her if you just focus on the things
she does to protect all of us
just forget about politics

now i realize she is too liberal on other issues to ever be
elected president
i wish we could get someone running that had
that fire in her belly that she does
someone who was really truly
on our side

i noticed her standing beside the president when he was
talking about excessive fees that many of you are paying
for your investments
not me my fees are the lowest there is
any move to decrease these are being met with resistance
big money is being put up to fight it
since those too big to fail folks
the ones we saved and it seems are set up to save again
if need be
are some of the ones set to fight it

derivatives that dirty word is back again
you go senator warren fight those things for us
our great grandkids will be paying for the last bailout
on those things
we i should say our great great grandkids will be on
the hook for the new derivatives
why cant we learn
oh thats right
follow the money where it flows
to both the democrats and republicans
thats why all this stuff happens
they work together to protect those with the money
we all have to pay for it

in sundays local paper i read this article on
low down payment mortgages at many loan places
these are the ones that started the mess that
almost destroyed our country financially
sending us down an abyss that we are still
trying to get out of

the freddie mac is allowing these 3% down loans
fixed rates to be done
lets see 3% on a $100,000 house
thats $3000
im sorry this doesnt feel right to me
makes me feel real uncomfortable

my thought is that
you dont have the money for a larger down payment
you just keep on renting your apartment or house
many folks are better off doing it this way anyway
you cant default on rent

lets dont put all of those folks at high risk of personal
financial collapse again

in the words of ronald and elizabeth
there you go again

just dont do it please

the organicgreen doctor

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