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Monday, February 9, 2015


recently in front of the capitol in austin for texas muslim day
a peacefully group of muslems were talking at a news conference
then were going from the news conference
to visit the different legislators

when onto the scene  protesters took over the mike
spouting antimuslim things
the peaceful muslims were basically scared for their lives
they admitted later
they were a peaceful group
who came to show the good side of the muslem faith
to the legislators

i got to be thinking about all this
heck even the legislator who was the face of the news
that day as pushing an antimuslim message
i knew her well
having provided care for family members in the past

i thought
are we going to head into a inquisition here in the us
didnt the kkk try that back in the early 1900s
against the jews catholics and blacks

my grandfather told stories via my mom of the kkk riding
through their area burning down houses
heck theres even infamous articles and pictures of hangings
in the county courthouse

so i googled inquisition
there was the spanish inquisition
seems the jew and muslims were the ones that got the brunt
of the abuse

read some of the things that happened
slaughtering burning of people beheading

wait that does sound similar
all in the name of christianity it seems

so i thought
religions can go awry cant they
they can get radical elements
that can do atrocious things

i dont really think christians today and in america and elsewhere
would resort to the things they did in the inquisition
that the isis islamic radicals are doing now

so i go back to those peaceful folks
trying to make a peaceful connection to the state legislators
to show that the muslims of america
are a peaceful group
most are us citizens
that probably are as good if not better human beings
than many of those demonstrators against them

i spanned the news reports and pictures to see if i recognized
any of the muslim folks
in my practice i had a large population of people who were
the majority were us citizens
most had better paying jobs than most of us
they voted
they sent their kids to school
granted many of them were the valedictorians and salutatorians
for the schools
they paid taxes a lot of them
interesting many are conservative business people
some have been here for several generations
as long as some of us

so we need tolerance
those folks who were peacefully talking at the news conference
i think
much better us citizens than those aggressive demonstrators

even the governor and the speaker of the house
supported the muslim group that day

shame is what i thought

lets not have another inquisition here
its already happening in the middle east today
by islam terrorists
in the past
by christian terrorists

tolerance please
they were a peaceful group
those muslems at the capital

yes tolerance
is needed

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Dr, Nash, you should be a teacher! You are, I guess, since I just learned