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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

dear ms b-gma got beed


last may we harvested our first honey
during the harvest
a visiting dog got to meet a bee
right on his snout

here is the account of that encounter
bouncer and the bee

i still smile and laugh reading it
remembering what it all looked like that day

well i guess i could have titled this blog
gma and the bees
thats bees not bee

we looked at our schedule for the next few weeks
i told my wife she thats gma
we had better do this today
we have too much going on to wait

we need to harvest the honey before it
gets too cold
we dont want to be opening up the beehive
in cold weather

they told me in my class
dont open the hive
when its
when they all the bees are inside
they well they will get real teed off

all i can say
whad you learn
i got all dressed up ready to go
my assistant your gma
well she wouldnt answer the phone in the house
what the heck is she doing in there

finally out she came
she had put on vinyl gloves under her work gloves
last time
didnt she use those real good surgical gloves we were given
that are thick
you were rushing me she said

now last time a bee got up her sleeve
no it wasnt as funny as when the bee met bouncer
i finally sacrificed the bee that day

so this time
yes we used duct tape
to seal off her sleeves and her socks
no bees gonna get in there

gmas job was to stand away about 20 ft
as i harvested the honey
i would walk the honeycomb over
cut it off after brushing off the bees
dropping it in a plastic tub with a cover

well its never simple

as i smoked the bees and started opening up the hives
they seemed loud
teed off loud

thank goodness i thought to myself
i am all protected

i looked over at gma
there she was in her bee suit jacket
with those red work gloves
sort of glowing against the white bee suit

next thing i know
all i can say is think
a human bouncer meets the bees

there was gma
sorry im laughing and crying so much i cant hardly
write anything

there was gma
all i can think of is
a baby bird flapping its small wings trying to fly
but not being able to get off the ground

those beed red wings of gma was aflapping aflapping
so fast they were a blur
i cant write what she said

she was fluttering around and around
well like a chicken with its head cut off
she just disappeared somewhere
leaving me
with all that honey to harvest

later she returned to
haul the wagon of honey back towards the house
still aflapping those red wings

she looked like that peanut character that has all
that dust blowing around him
gmas dust was all bees

now i didnt get stung at all
gma got stung a lot on her hands
lets just say can you say
lobster hands
she even had to take off her ring it was so tight

my hands look fine

as i was processing the honey inside
barefooted i was
a honey soaked bee fell on the top of my foot
she got me good
so i tried to fly like gma it hurt so bad
like bouncer bounced that day

both gma and i both agree though

its all worth it

bee good today ms b
well get some of this rich dark honey to you

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Yummy gold to scarify a little pain.... save me a teaspoon sample!