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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

just do what is right

when people complain
to me about the government
i say did you vote
if they say no
i say
talk to the hand
Image result for vote
around here there is
a democratic county
a republican county
they sit side by side
its always for years been that way
of course demographics is changing that some

the amount of people who have early voted
is twice what it was so far than in previous elections

it looks like around here and in texas and around the country
i wont have to raise my hand much

each morning i read news headlines
spending almost an hour
reading articles on the news
sports politics medicine economics etc

so this morning
i spent about that hour looking for a good article
on this one topic
there was a lot of election stuff polling stuff entertainment stuff
sports finance medicine and health
no where did i see an article on this story

Image result for california national guard bonus repayment
i googled it
califronia national guard paying back bonuses

to me that was and should have been the top story
in the news
its a disgrace
its nonpartisan
at least it looks that way since both sides are ticked off about it
thank goodness its election time
they might do whats right

california national guard folks were promised bonuses
to reenlist or to make another tour to the middle east
bonuses of $20,000+-

they went
they served
some got purple hearts
some im sure got permanent injuries
serving our country

then they find out
we want the money back
pay up or well come and get it from you

some national guard folks illegally promised the bonuses
now uncle sam wants their money back

all i can say
is wrong
dont you dare do it
if they do we need to all join together as democrats republicans independents
to vote them out of office

it seems there is momentum growing to forgive the bonuses
sounds wrong doesnt it
forgive the bonuses

we and they need to just do whats right

now this is really whats wrong with our government

the organicgreen doctor

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