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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

a dirty word

there are these words
that when you see them spoken by
you had better run for cover
by you
i mean us the common folks

it doesnt matter
if you are democratic or republican or independent or whatever
if you are one of us common folks
you are about to lose

so this week i have been seeing one of these words
being bantered about
whenever i hear it or read it
i get this chill up and down my spine
i shiver and shake all over
i reach into my pocket
grab my billfold real tight
i know the attack is coming
the attack
on me
us the common folks
on our

so the word i hearing is
its so hard for me to write this
ill do it backwards
makes me feel better

it is

Image result for p
for the purpose of this bog today
lets just call it the p word
not that one

so i am hearing from the politicians
lets p word medicare and social security

ok you heard the p word
who is going to lose
us common folks

who will win
when they p word medicare and social security
lets see
for medicare that would be
insurance companies absolutely drug companies
probably lawyers to cover all
the common folks medical bills bankruptcies

i pay close to $450 a month for my medicare a and b
my medicare supplement f
my cheaper medicare part d

so i have my medical bills well covered
my medicare deductibles are covered
my copays are covered
my immunizations are covered
my labs and xrays are covered
as long as i and my doctor follow the rules

plus i know if i have a non approved service
im stuck with that bill
if i have the amyvid pet scan for the bad beta amyloid
its a non covered service
so out comes my checkbook to pay for it

what i have covers my care
except for my drugs
since i am all on generic drugs
i chose a higher copay deductible drug plan
to protect me if i get put on a real costly drug
when i stuck that dang agave thorn in my eye
ate that deductible right up in one day
if when the new alzheimers drug comes out one day
i will be able to use my drug plan to help with
some of the costs then

if you p word medicare
that will change
high ones
uncovered services
denials denials for care
remember now some drug company some insurance company
has to make a big profit
yes a big profit
us the common folks

now to social security
the common folks
so many of us depend on social security to survive
of us common folks
depend on social security for most of our funds when we retire
of us common folks
thats all we have

so who will gain if they p word the social security
think about it
you got it
bankers investment companies wall street
im sure lawyers since they always seem to win

dont forget those politicians that can line their
coffers with those lobbying donations from those
folks above
they all do it both democrats and republicans

i have paid 50 years into social security
i would hate to think that money was controlled by those
folks who are all for
p wording social security

i can only compare it to the school teachers
well now they the teachers always seem to get screwed in the deals

many eg here in texas lose most of their social security
my wife she would make more money when she retires
if she had never ever gone into teaching
from her social security
yes she has paid in her share so have i
normally if she hadnt worked
she would get half mine since its more than what she has paid
in herself
then when i die she would get all mine
now she gets very little of it

at the schools they have 403 b plans and 457 plans
supposedly so teachers can add to them to cover the
social security gap
now luckily for her we were in a financial position to
dump money into those to compensate for the loss
of her social security that she paid for and i paid
for with our social security taxes for 50 years

now the choices in these 403 b plans and 457 plans
some are real real bad choices
the ones that win on these are the same ones who
will win if they pword social security
now luckily for her i knew enough to weed through
and find ones that were ok
most dont do that or cant do it

i always get sick at my stomach when i go to the benefits
meetings and hear those pitches from those who sell those
it like listening to politicians when they sell the pword idea
social security and medicare
i get that same sick feeling in my stomach

when a politician stands up to announce
they want to p word medicare and social security
do they always smile

i think we all know why

my warning
whether you voted for hillary or donald or whomever
dont let them do it
you and i
thats the common folks
we are about to get screwed like the what has happened to the

dont let them do it please

the organicgreen doctor

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