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Monday, November 28, 2016

a strong man

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i know
i know
its all about winning
thats all that matters anymore in college football

i am sure that most of you have a favorite college football team
you want them to win
you expect them to win
if not
clear house is what i expect many of you to say

get a new coach

my two sons played sports all the way through
middle school
high school

they had some good coaches
some bad coaches

there are a few that even today
they still talk about them
how much they were liked

if my sons were playing college football today
i would have wanted them to play for
ex texas coach
charlie strong

i wouldnt even care if they won any games
he truly prepares guys for the real world

he had these 5 core principles
that he stucked to
it wasnt talk
it was real

this last week as the inevitable was about to happen
you have to win to keep your job
especially when you are paid $5 million a year

you could see in the players eyes
many were crying after the final game
the whole team showed up for his final press conference
what you could see was
love in their eyes
for a man
who made them do whats right
what any parent would want their college student do
do whats right
you see
he made sure they did it

off the top of my head
i can only remember one event where players did something
that got them arrested
they were gone the next week

now there was a time a player got a dwi
he was disciplined accordingly

when you hear the players
hear their parents
especially the single moms who were hoping
for a father figure for their kids
they got it with charlie strong

you follow his rules or you are gone
they went to study hall even late at night
he would show up to make sure they were there
he made them sit in front of the class
no skipping classes were accepted

no abusing women
no guns
all of his players were on course to graduate

he cleared out his first year 9 players
mostly starters for violating his rules
plus he was left with players that werent highly rated
by those high school football gurus
he had to recruit hard real hard
he was getting there
doing things right
you gotta win
thats the rule
some lucky coach that follows him
will have a loaded team
full of future nfl players
charlie strong said
i baked the cake
now the new coach just has to put on the icing

there are a lot of schools that could benefit from his approach
one comes to mind
ill just say it
they need someone to come in and clear house
of all the whole department
administators coaches some players
start over
well not quite like texas since they werent as bad as baylor
to clean the stench out of their athletic department
it can be a department that you would expect from
a religious a baptist school

baylor should hire charlie strong
he may not be able to win for awhile
clean it out he will

you are a good man
charlie strong

the organicgreen doctor

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