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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

the dirty six

this morning i was going to write about
two dirty words
if you hear a politician say them
vouchers and privatization

they dont mean well for us the medicare aged group
future medicare recipients
uh thats all of you
its going to cost us a lot of money out of our pockets

drug companies insurance companies lobbyists
no swamp draining going on here

all i can say about these dirty two words
dont let them do it

it has nothing to do with which political party you support
if we arent careful we will end up like those folks below

what caught my eye this morning
was a report that 3 folks died and several was sickened from
eating a thanksgiving meal at a veterans hall in san francisco
a charity meal that gave a little too much to the eaters
Image result for food poisoning cdc
i ran across this from the consumer guru
clark howard

there is a lawyer that has made his living over the years
on food poisoning cases
to the tune of 600 million dollars+

so he generated a list of 6 foods he wont eat
since they have generated most of his income over the years

here they are

now first let me say
my wife she is the queen of leftovers
i have to keep a close eye on our frig
looking for growths on our food that could be used
to make an antibiotic
like penicillin mold
once i ate it and cured my strep throat

many a time over the years i have found
deep back in the frig
some unidentifiable substance in a container
oh i say
wasnt that the leftovers from thanksgiving
its now the ides of march time

sorry sweetie

here are the ones the lawyer will not eat

1   rare meat
uncooked meat can yield e coli or salmonella
also parasites

2   raw oysters
not a problem for me i wont eat them
it seems global warming has caused the oceans to be warmer
yielding more bacteria and viruses in the oyster
plus there is more sewage in the water

3   raw sprouts
there have many outbreaks from these mostly e  coli and salmonella

4   precut prewashed veggies and fruits
the more folks that handle these the higher risk of contamination
avoid them
remember the prewashed organic spinach contamination a few years
ago that made so many sick
if you buy prewash just pretend it says
you just gotta wash em good

5   unpasteurized milk and juices
these thing are pasteurized for a reason
thats not an issue with me since i dont ever drink either of these

6   uncooked eggs
can you say cookie dough
even sunny side up eggs
well that used to be my favorite not anymore

now i am sure some of you will poo-poo
no pun intended
this list
remember this guy has made millions and millions of dollars
off these infections
he knows
he wont eat any of these

so i went back over the list
i dont think ill get sick from these
i dont eat raw meat or raw oysters
i dont eat precut veggies or foods
besides the risk of contamination they cost a lot more to buy
i dont eat raw sprouts
i dont drink milk or juices
i dont eat uncooked eggs

the only thing i have to worry about
keep an eye out for
my wife shes refrigerator stews

the organicgreen doctor

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