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Monday, November 14, 2016

my thoughts

friends can be friends and stay that way
despite not agreeing on things like
politics and religion
one of my best friends of 35 years doesnt agree with
me on politics and religion
we do agree though on the cowboys and longhorns
we just dont ever go there
on politics and religion
i think thats why we have remained good friends over the years

the same goes with many of my relatives

i started blocking folks on facebook
not the ones that say things that i dont agree with
yes on politics and religion
if things get nasty
even if its things that i agree with

i actually find some of the folks who agree with my views
more offensive then the other side
yes i blocked some of you on both sides
will continue to do so

i have voted in 13 presidential elections
my candidate won 5 of them
i have voted for 3 different parties over the years
but my views on politics havent changed much though
i even wrote in one candidate in one election

in at least two of those elections
one of the candidates got the most votes
the other candidate got the electoral votes

in one of those races
had the most popular vote candidate won
we would have still had 9/11
we would still probably gone to afghanistan
we probably never would have ended up in iraq
the mess that has cost us billions and billions of dollars
lots of personal loss permanent damage to lots of folks
who are americans
it brought us isis

i guess i am saying i dont like the electoral college
we dont really vote for a person
we are voting for an electoral person to go to a location
well they are suppose to vote for whoever wins the popular
but it doesnt have to happen that way
they dont always do it that way
theres no real bad penalty to vote wrong

i guess im like trump on this one
it seems a rigged system

the electoral college was really set up
since the starters of our country
really didnt trust the common man
thats us folks
to select the president of the united states

maybe its time we let the popular vote decide the next president
i think we the people know who should be president

why did the election end up like it did
the core republicans voted
the core democrats voted
then those left are the ones that swing back and forth

in 2008 and 2012 they voted for obama
what made the difference in those rust belt states
wisconsin michigan pennsylvania ohio and north carolina
those obama voters who didnt show up
but mainly
those white obama voters who voted for trump

thats where the election was won
the icing the topping that pushed over the cake
was not racism
it was something else

thats what trump tapped into
it was change folks

the other thing that when history looks back
remember history always tells the truth
that the fbi directors letters also pushed voters
those obama voters many of them
in the other direction
i think they said
enough is enough

so was there racism sexism antireligionism that was involved
in the election
this folks may be what really destroys our country

but the final straw that broke hillarys back
was the obama voters and the fbi director

what can you do if you arent happy

well folks trump is your president
you will have to deal with it for at least 4 years

i hope he realizes that the majority
of americans
did not want him for president

i think in these presidential elections
it should be that way
since if it is an overwhelming number who vote for one candidate
thats when the system can really be overran
eg when nixon won

if you arent happy
you can

protest like the millennials the people of color gays
nonchristian religions maybe old folks-think medicare and social security-
who are at risk for being disenfranchised over the next 4 years
you can just feel their anxiety
it oozes from the tv when you watch them march
i dont think these are going away

no matter which side you are on
you should stop and talk to some of these folks
i have
i understand why they march
they could be the next civil rights movement

i have no problem with protests
i have walked in marches over the years
the viet nam war marches got us out of viet nam
it got johnson to drop out of the presidential race
it allowed nixon to win
along the way america was ripped apart

the civil rights marches
that blemish on our american history-racism
we have all seen those films of all the atrocities that occurred
some of us saw them in person
the marches got some rights and protections for people of color

so this is one way we can evoke change
is to protest
hopefully peacefully
it is protected by the constitution

in two years
if you want change then become involve
change up the make up of congress
just ask obama how hard it is to get things done
when the other party has control of congress
if you dont want change
well you need to do the same thing
vote stay involved

in 4 years
you need to get a better candidate than the other side
if trump does bad then it will be easier
if he does good then it will be harder
people dont like to change the president if things are going good

if you dont like the electoral system
then change it
good luck on that one
its hard to do
almost impossible

the next election
im afraid
will still probably come down to
those obama voters
trump voters
who really were the ones that decided finally this election

oh the other thing
please dont start that next presidential election in two years
i dont think we can all survive another one like this one

i know my wife she and i cant

the organicgreen doctor

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