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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

dear ms b-plant one


now ms b
here in texas we always have to be different
but in this case
its for a good reason

now the national arbour day is in april
in texas april thats not a good time to plant a tree
its just before the hot summer starts
now a tree will do ok if you are real good about taking care
of it if planted at that time

in texas
texas arbour day was friday november 4th 2016

thats the best time to plant a tree here in texas

its cooler
its not as dry usually
the roots have a chance to grow for months before
the most stressful time for a tree around here
the hotter than heck summer

if you live around here
plant a tree now
its the best time

if you live where we do here in the central texas area
go look at this booklet
available online
grow green native and adapted landscape plants
an earthwise guide for texas

i would suggest if its not in that booklet
dont plant it
a magnolia tree aint in there
it likes a  lot of water and deeper soil and acid soil
it will usually struggle around here

the shrub azalea aint in there
it likes real acid soil
that aint available around here
plant it and you will be disappointed

 so ms b
as you look around our country n
you wont find a tree or shrub not in this booklet that i have planted
i did bring back a hickory tree from arkansas 15 years ago
from my parents yard
that shouldnt grow around here
but with tender aggressive care
it has grown well
but i realize it may struggle one day as it gets older

heres some of my trees i planted and why

monterey white oak or mexcian white oak
i have planted 6 total
they are mostly evergreen and are resistance to the oak wilt
that is killing the red oaks and live oaks around here
the white oak provides a lot of shade and provides visual block
from the highway

i know some ranchers dont like it
it provides a shade on the eastern side of our house in the summer
which blocks the hot morning sun
it looses its lacy leaves in the winter to let the warm winter sun in
it has beautiful yellow flowers in the springtime for bees

texas persimmon and texas plum
they are native fruit producers that provide food for birds
we dont eat the fruit but we could

a juniper tree or cedar as we call it
it is evergreen
on the east side and north side it provides a block to that northern wind
that can get so cold when a northener comes in
they also provide a visual block between us and our neighbor
a noise
a visual block from the highway

flame sumac
a native that provides us with a beautiful red color in the fall
the blooms on it is a true bee magnet
the seeds provide food for the birds

texas orchid
a native that when it blooms provides perfume that can
be smelled all over our property

burr oak
the biggest of the oaks
we have 2 of these
they will eventually one day completely take over
our front yard
they provide much needed shade for the yard and house
in the summer
they provide big oak leaves for mulching and compost
they since they lose their leaves
let in sunlight onto the southern side of our house

red oaks
now i didnt buy these
they were given to me
so i planted them
i dont like them to plant in the yard
since many that are sold in the big box places
are not native to texas
they grow real slow real slow
eg my burr oak planted the same time as the donated red oaks
is 30 ft tall while the red oaks are around 7-10 ft tall
the red oak are susceptible to the oak wilt

so ms b
these are some of my trees i have planted
so if 1 tree each november is the number to plant each year
i got enough planted around here to get me to a hundred

so ms b
unless someone gets real chainsaw happy around here
i have left a legacy of trees here at the county n
that will be here for generations
food for animals
letting in warm sunlight in the winter
provide leaves for mulch and compost
sucking carbon dioxide out of the air
pushing more oxygen into the air

ms b
i swear when i step outside
i seem to just breathe in that extra oxygen
making my brain much sharper

ms b
plant a tree
start your on legacy
save the world

the organicgreen doctor

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