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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

country n news-moving sale

we really werent looking to move so soon
we tentatively were looking to move out mid july
thanks to the drone guys friend who saw in our place
what we saw
the place had a contract on it before it went mls

now its sold if all goes through ok
thats good

now we have to move sooner than expected
thats bad

lucky for us this is a decision we have been working on for months
so we have been preparing for it for those months
both mentally and financially

now its here
now we got to get it done

so the moving sale
to unload everything we have
if we cant get it in our car then its not going with us

some of the stuff is heirloom stuff
from my parents and their ancestors
all that goes back to arkansas where we want it to stay

the rest goes

it seems each large item has a story
some the new owner bought already
which is ok with us
he doesnt have to move it
we dont have to move it
a win win right

the duct tape chair is the one i hate to lose the most
my wife she bought home this ragged ole dirty chair
ok i ignored it for a long time
then i read online about doing duct tape furniture
i bought two big rolls of duct tape
put it all over the chair

its my favorite piece of furniture in the house
my granddaughter loves it
i think she thinks it a park play set
it twirls easily in circles
it rocks like a bucking horse

once my billfold fell down the sides and stuck itsself on a bar
under there
hiding itsself from us for weeks
it not having my billfold almost ruined our vacation

you ever took a vacation with cash only but all your cash
wasnt accessible
your credit cards
we did
to nashville

then there is this hutch
one of my best friends mom was having to move after her husband died
she was selling this hutch
we gave her husband a dog
a min pin
whom he loved
he named her maggie

after he died
she contacted us
if you will take maggie i will give you the hutch
it matched our kitchen table
so we took it

my older brother use to do auction stuff
back in the 80s he contacted my wife she
i think you will like this
she looked at it
she liked it
she bought it
then she told me about it

its been with us since then through 5 moves
then theres this day bed with a trundle bed
that when you pull it out
it pops up

i will say that when we have a large group staying here
i always chose the trundle bed to sleep on
its the  most comfortable of the sleeping spots of them all

my wife she got this idea from somewhere
to take an old antique metal bed frame
then turn it into a day bed

she got a welder to build it for us
uh i should say
for her

it sits in our kitchen area
folks just seem to be attracted to it
i think it has a magnet that influences your brain
its a definite lounging spot

a lot of good conversation have happened there

it use to be in an extra bedroom we called the cave
in the afternoon you could lay on the bed
turn on the tv
close the blinds
turn on the fan
you were gone for a few hours

a great place for an afternoon nap
this swing belonged to a friend
when her daughter out grew it
my wife she
like she did on all these things
just made it appear in our yard
of course
it was all taken apart

we had annual clinic parties here
she wanted it for the kids to play on
i think in the back of her head
she was thinking
its for our one day grandkids

well miss b
when she visited for a week
almost wore this swing set out
her grandmother

the yells and laughing could be heard over the property
more please more more

back in the mid nineties
we decided we wanted to invest in some bedroom furniture
that would be new
would be built solid
that would last forever
we bought this king size bedroom suite from north carolina

if we werent moving
we never ever would have even consider selling this
bed and mattress and dresser and side tables

we had planned to maybe die in this bed one day
when our times come

its time to sell it

then there is this thing
now its been here a long time
i just thought it was a table my wife she sat at to put her
sewing machine on

then as we were getting ready to sell stuff
there it was
an old antique kenmore sewing machine from the late 40s
or early 50s

a friend who knows antiques and sewing mahines
looked at it
no you cant sell it for this much
its worth a lot more
i have a friend who buys these
i sent a picture and details to her
she will probably drive here to buy it

the clocks ticking
on saturady morning
its going for the price below unless we hear something different

the story
my wife she bought this old sears machine that was silver plated
when i was in residency
i painfully refinished it
it even worked

it was something to always hold onto and never sell

well one day i noticed
it was gone

i guess there was a time we were desperate for money
so she sold it

ok so i never let her forget it
i think her buying this was a way to make up for those years
of my harassing her
$40 unless he antique dealer comes through before saturday

this weekend
we will sell it all
if you see it
its for sale
it all must go

if you get a chance this weekend
rain or shine
come say bye to us
buy something while you are here

in a few weeks when we drive out our long drive
i am sure we will both have tears in our eyes
we plan to not look back
looking forward to this new chapter in our lives

here is the link to our moving sale on saturday may 20th
country n moving sale

the organicgreen doctor

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