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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

teacher gonna teach

thats what they are gonna do
do it well i must say

here is the link to the article some of this info was obtained from
if you are a texas teacher
you should probably read it

texas is if it was a country would be one of the largest economies
it has 6 of the top 50 fortune 500 companies headquartered
in our state
it has 51 of the top 500 fortune 500 companies headquartered here
texas is third behind new york and california

it has more exports than california and new york
if it was a nation it would be the 12th largest economy in the world
based on gdp

it is ahead of south korea and australia
south korea is number one in education
australia is number four in education
the us is number seventeen in education
texas would be way down at the bottom if it was a country

so texas is a wealthy state
it would be a wealthy country

well sort of wrong

it ranks 43rd in education in the us
it ranks almost at the bottom for childrens health
thank goodness for mississippi

it ranks at the bottom in overall health care for its citizens

its a bottom feeder when it comes to childrens poverty

some of this is almost 3rd world like
no it is 3rd world like

seems shameful

north of texas and northeast of texas
are two states
that well those folks there in arkansas and oklahoma
well they dont really like texas much

so it seems
that texas dont like their teachers either

if you retired as a teacher in 2000 at say $1000 a month
you would still make in 2017 the same $1000 a  month
their buying power would be greatly reduced
there is not a cost of living adjustment provided
inflation slowly like a cancer eats away the teachers retirement

add to that
the fact that most districts in the state dont pay into social security
which means
those teachers may not get any social security
if they do it will be greatly reduced

my wife she will get less than half the social security that she
would have gotten if she didnt teach or lived in those other states

yes those texas hating states around us
their teachers get all their social security benefits

their state legislators did their jobs
they took care of their teachers

texas is a wealthy state
it has no excuse

the state of texas
plans to remove the pensions all together
to change to a 401k program

now i realize that that is what is happening all over the country
its probably going to happen
hopefully at least they will reinstitute the paying into social security
requirement for all the school districts

at least the blow
the amount of poverty that retired teachers will live in
will be blunted some

a teachers gonna teach

lets take care of these important folks in our lives
our kids lives

the organicgreen doctor

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