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Monday, May 8, 2017

trumpcare 2


my first thoughts when i read about the trumpcare 2 that
passed through the house was
they the republicans are trying to lose the next elections in 2018
by passing this trumpcare 2 legislation

if you take off your politics hat
open you wallet
your checking account
be honest with yourself
now leave politics out of this
how is this going to affect me and my family

now if you make over $200,000 you are making out ok
you are getting a tax cut
you will probably though
lose benefits and especially if you are older
as you will pay maybe as much as 5-6 times for you health insurance

i ran across a bbc article on the trumpcare 2
now bbc
why cant we be like the english
they tell the truth
they just look at life better than we do

here is what they wrote about some big consequences of
trumpare 2

there would be no individual mandate
if you didnt have insurance and tried to get it you pay 30% more
for premiums

the employer mandate would be gone
thats the one where if you have over 50 employees you have too
offer them insurance

gone would be the medicare taxes other taxes like on medical devices
investment income drug companies some high end health policies

insurance for dependents would be kept

the requirement to cover certain things like er visits preventative care
cancer treatments mental health eg is gone
its left up to the states to decide
guarantee with texass record they wont be well covered since texas
has some of the poorest overall healthcare in the nation

now this is the big one
preexisting conditions coverage is left up to the states
again if you live in texas prepare to dig deeper into your wallet
whats preexisting conditions
i would say almost all of you have one
i do my wife she does my siblings all do many of their kids do
this one is going to cost most of us a lot of money

medicaid expansion would be phased out over time
the poor just get it the worst it seems in the trumpcare 2 bill

womens care
this will affect at least half of you
there may not be contraceptive and pregnancy care
if you have delivered a baby lately
look at your total bill for that delivery and prenatal care
that now may be yours to pay

insurers can now charge us old folks more
as much as 5-6 times as much
this one will eventually affect all of us

the tax credit formula will be altered
those hurt the most are
you got it
the old folks and the poor ones

now the good thing is that trumpcare 2 has to go through the
where the general feeling is what gets spit out of there
will not look like what the house just produced

i am hoping it will be a more bipartisan effort in the senate
maybe they will finally do a real fix
like what needs to be done

the clocks ticking
the next election is over a year away
what gets passed may determine who has control of congress

politics makes strange bedfellows sometimes

the organicgreen doctor

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