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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

go stros

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thanks to my historian brother
when we were little
we all ate slept breathed baseball
he collected all the baseball cards he could get his hands on
if they were around now
would be worth a ton of money
all those hall of fame rookie cards

so some of them got used on our bikes
clothes pinned to the spokes
so when we rode the bikes
it sounded like a motorcycle
the more cards
the louder it was

so most folks where i grew up in southern arkansas
they were cardinal fans
everyone listened to the cardinal games
on the radio
came the astros in houston
came the rangers in dallas

so most folks in that area liked one of those
three teams
the oldie guys they liked the cardinals

we were rangers/astros fans
while my boys were growing up
we went to several rangers games
we all loved nolan ryan
he had played for both the astros and rangers

then a local businessman bought the astros
his son was my sons best friend growing up
we became astros fans after that

my son attended the astros games several times
over several years
jeff bagwell gave him a personalized signed
ball for his birthday once

after the astros were sold to the present owners
we over time sort of lost our interest in watching
its a long slow game not made well for tv
i usually reserved watching games to the
allstar game or world series
but havent watched either the last few years
spending my sports time on tv on
basketball and football and soccer

after the astros were sold
they cleared their roster of anyone anyone had heard of
it was a young team
that has waxed and wane with its youth

now this year
although i havent watched a game
i sort of peripherally have kept up with them

this may be the first world series ive watched in a long time

here where we live
we are most definitely in dodgers country

being an astros fan here would be like being an aggie fan
in austin or more like an oklahoma fan in austin

i dont have any astros stuff to wear
yes i do have one dodger shirt
i was given it
i like it because it has my favorite color on it
i actually wear it when i garden since i dont mind getting
it all dirty

here in dodger country
i will proudly say

go stros

it just seems right that houston is in the world series
after all the destruction that harvey has done to the area
kinda like the saints in the super bowl after katrina

it just seems right that they also win the world series

go stros

the organicgreen doctor

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