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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

sb country n news-layered up

Image result for organicgreendoctor school garden
the picture below is where i started back in june for my
garden here
it was dry devoid of plant material
i added compost and organic fertilizer
then planted my veggies knowing i was late planting
things by about two months
i knew that before the fall winter garden i needed to improve
that life of the soil

the life is compost organic fertilizer plant material
like leaves mulch did i ever add mulch
i added a lot of trash barrels full of mulch
lots of cardboard and newspapers
all in layers of course
what i did
is what i did in my gardens in texas
i dug out 4 ft square blocks
down to about a ft and a half
hitting a lot of hard soil
i even had to use a rock bar to break it up
i added a layer of cardboard from side to side
a layer of about 10 sheets of newspapers
a layer of the soil i had dug out of the hole
a layer of compost some from the local garden where
my garden spot is
it has worms and lots of bacteria and germs that are needed
to make the soil better
i also added a good sprinkling of an organic fertilizer
to add more nitrogen in the bed
i then soaked that in with a liquid mixture of molasses
seaweed fish emulsion easily found at most nurseries
i watered this all in well with a water hose
i repeated these layers unit i got to the top of the hole
where i added garden soil and compost mixed together
added a dusting of an organic fertilizer that also had
microbes in it that plants like
i then covered that all up with a layer of mulch
to let it sit for a few weeks
ripen if you will

i did these 4 ft squares like this all over the garden until i had all the garden
all layered up

this week when i went to plant
a lot of this stuff all mixed together had composted down
in fact i think the whole bed will eventually settle down about 4-6 inches

my soil is starting to look a lot like my soil
at the country n in texas

i was able to use just my hands to plant my garden this time
a measure of rich fertile soil

i chose things that we like to eat
that we can usually eat on all winter long

broccoli swiss chard kale carrots lettuce spinach beets
sweet peas onions garlic

this is about what i planted when i lived in texas
except here i dont have to worry about it freezing
i really dont have to do much now
but water it regularly

on the beds where i planted seeds
i try to usually water them once or twice a day
so they dont dry out

i decided to not use a drip system on this garden

since i live two miles away
this makes me have to go by the garden to keep it watered
gotta keep that shadow in the garden
you know

we are hoping
that like in texas
that we have a bountiful winter garden again

the organicgreen doctor

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