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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

my insurance

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there is no solution
thats what i told my wife she the other day

if the repeal of obamacare happens
if the repeal of obamacare doesnt happen

the final product that is left
is not going to go well

things are going to get only worse

i saw on facebook
people writing about how much they were paying
for insurance 
then having those high deductibles
makes those cost much worse

heres my insurance
i have medicare
i pay $150+- a month for it
it does get adjusted up or down based on our income
i pay $203 a month for my supplement that covers the deductibles
and the 20% that medicare dont pay
i pay $68 a month for my $400 deductible drug plan

so thats a total of $421 a  month for my health care insurance

since i am on generic drugs i dont pay much for them
my drug insurance has negotiated prices with the 
middleman drug folks so my out of pocket each year
reaches close to the $400 deductible

so since going on this regimen of insurance
i pay premiums of $5025

so in the last few years since i have paid my premiums for
this coverage
i have paid out of pocket besides not counting my drug bills
thats $0

not bad huh

now i realize that there are some restrictions on what is covered
by this medicare product
so far i have not been denied any care

ive done the er thing with a ruptured disk
poked that agave thorn in my eye
that one costs more than the er visit and its aftercare
i had an mri of the brain and an mri of the back

extra out of pocket paid besides of course the drugs

there is freedom of choice of who to see
if the provider takes medicare
all mine do

so why cant we take this type of system that i have
and i must say i am pleased the way its worked so far
why cant we take this system 
provide it to all of you

i know i know
they say
we cant afford it 
i say 
yes we can

we spend close to $10,000 on average a year on health care
per person
the highest rate of any other country
they get better results
do the math 
multiple $10,000 x the number of folks in the us
thats 330,000,000
that is a lot of money
i say to run a good efficient health care system
more than enough to do it

well it will take cajones for our congress and president
to do what needs to be done 
to change the system and make it better

it will take both sides of the aisle working together

some tough decisions need to be made on how to spend the money
money spent on child health immunizations womens health are
money well spent
all the money thats spent on folks in that last two years of life
doesnt always make things better for the patients
we will have to make some tough decisions on whats covered
looking at the system as a whole

obamacare started pointing us in the right direction
it was not bipartisan
too many special interests had their fingers in the pie
insurance hospitals wall street doctor groups etc

there is enough money out there
it just needs to be used differently 

we could i guess just take that $10,000 for each person 
send them to canada or europe for their health care
probably save money
especially on things like drugs which are cheaper there

there is a solution
i think our congress folks
they all been castrated
they cant do what needs to be done
that we can get affordable adequate coverage 

some compromises will have to be done by them
my all of us

the organicgreen doctor

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