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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

i always felt it was there

Cave found underneath Cambria Drive in the Brushy Creek neighborhood on Feb. 8, 2018. This photo was taken by a spelunker.
kxan.com article on the cave

i always felt like it was there
i dont know how many times i told my wife she
and my neighbors this over the years that we lived
at the country n

my older son has a friend that lived in the area where this
cave was
he asked me to come over to help him with his landscape
recommendations that is

in his front yard was this white oak or mexican oak that seemed
stunted and not growing and the leaves were dying
i told him
its either
not watering it enough
watering it too much
it was planted over a rock
he said
you know theres a cave next door
so that i thought is the reason for that high iron fence with
spiky things on top like a spear to keep folks out

yep he said
ive even been down there
the spelunkers club gets to go down there once a year
the neighbors can peek in if they want
i thought to myself
i dont want

i added to the list of why his oak wasnt growing
its over a cave

i could just visualize those roots from the oak
hanging down through the roof of the cave
growing slowly down to the floor of the cave
like a big ole stalagthingmajig

i really havent thought about all that much since then
that was 2 kids ago for his friend
his house was in the subdivision where this big ole hole
just appeared that was 20 ft deep
it goes to a cave thats 200 ft at least wide

when i read about this this morning
i thought
i know that was a cave under our country n

we would get these torrential downpours onto our house
now we had gutters all around that dumped into
4 inch underground drain pipes that went to our 30,000 gallons
of tanks
our front yard had a 1 foot rock wall that went around the house
so only a small part of the whole yard around the house
didnt have a wall

the water on these torrential rains would eventually overflow
the gutters
the water would get fairly high sometimes around the house
as the rain slowed or stopped
all that water would just be all gone
there were no flowing streams of water off the property

where did it all go i asked my wife over and over again
one night
i had a dream
probably an aricept dream
that there was this hole in the yard
i stuck my head down in the hole
there was this big ole cavern down right under our house

i had that dream several times over the years
that it almost seems real

i even told my neighbor who had lived around there for
forty or so years
yep theres a lot of caves around here
there use to be a lot of bats around here also

he may have just said that
and winked and i missed the wink
well i believed him
i know that rain had to go somewhere

the only explanation is a cave

i always and still do feel its there

not my worry now though

the organicgreen doctor

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