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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

its now

Image result for ak15 cnn

it didnt happen before
this time it just feels different

i looked at the school shootings
there are three facts

the shooters
are male
are mentally ill
chose the ar15 as their weapon of chose

so to stop these murders of our innocent school kids
our sons and daughters
nephews and nieces
grandsons and granddaughters

we have to fix these three things

we cant do anything about
the male shooter

the other two we can

we need to provide access to good mental health
for folks
quit cutting it out of the insurance coverage
quit making it hard for folks to get help
they shoulnt be allowed to buy guns

strict gun laws need to be passed so those who want
guns have to do the paperwork it takes to say
you are ok to have a gun
you arent mentally ill
you arent a crook
you sell your gun you need to fill out paperwork again
whatever it takes
we need to do it

we need to get rid of ar15s availability in the us
only police and the military should be allowed to use them
thats what they are made for
to kill people during war

when the bullets from the ar15 hit those little kids
at sandy hook
when it hit their livers
their livers just turned to jello
when it hit their little bones in their legs
their little bones just turned to dust
when it hit their little brains
their brains were exploded like dropping a watermelon
from a building onto the concrete

these are military weapons
they should remain military weapons

there are 8 million of these things floating around in the us
8 million
no wonder those cops get so nervous sometimes
when they go on 911 calls

i read where shooting an ar15 works better than viagara
for some men

there are three big ole lobbies that control things in the us
big pharma
the financial lobby
the nra

now the nra
those legislators are real scared of them

like with the other lobbies
these legislators need to think for themselves
something they none of them do well
they need to stand up and do whats right
this time

on facebook
a former patients sons picture appears a lot on his page
hes proud of him
a late arrival he was
he is a very strong gun advocate
for some reason
i always think of his sons picture when these kids get shot
he is so cute in his photographs
i think
what do you do
what do you think
if it happens to your kid
does that change your views
if it doesnt
it should

heck they are even making bullet proof backpacks now
does the new school uniform now have to be
riot gear for kids

its now
its time

the whole world is watching
shaking their heads

i believe in the second amendment
i grew up with guns
i have hunted
most of my relatives own guns
i dont feel unsafe around them
i want them to have legal guns
i would have no problem going to a gun range and shooting guns
but not an ar15 or any of its cousins

the organicgreen doctor

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