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Monday, February 5, 2018


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this years super bowl was one of the best ever from
pregame to postgame

i enjoyed all the pregame music and interviews and stories

thanx to those who set all this one up
it was one of the few i can remember
a super bowl without some type of controversy spinning
around it and political stuff all over the ads and in
the music and commentary by the reporters

thanx to jj watt for making me cry the first time
of several times last night
i was just thinking about how and what he did for all those
harvey folks that needed help
maybe he should run for office one day

thanx to everywho that was who sang america the beautiful
it made me cry too

thanx thanx thanx to pink
now i didnt know who she was until a few years ago
when i would see folks with a tshirt on that said pink on it
i thought it was a womens movement thing
no they said she is a musician and entertainer
i thought
one of those rock star athletes
until one night i saw her perform on an awards show
oh my
i said
how can she sing so good doing those cirque du soleil things in the air
ive been a fan since
she was overcome with the flu this week
she has had a long time desire to sing at the super bowl
to sing the national anthem
she was determined to do it despite the flu
as they panned for a close up
she spit out her throat lozenge
she had this i dont feel real good
that flu look on her face
she nailed it
made me cry again
my heroine

then the half time show
jt had me hopping and bouncing all over the couch
i like the way he engaged the crowd
they all seem to hopping up and down with me
i teared up again when he did the prince song
whats wrong with the critics over singing that duet with prince
it was out of respect
he nailed the performance overall
at least that selfie kid thought so

then the only other time i teared up
well some with some of the commericials
thank goodness they didnt make a joke about those tide things

the other time was after the game during one of the interiviews
with mvp foles
the hero of the night
his story and his family and his winning made me
well my final tearing of the night

i was going to be ok with whoever won the game
both storylines would be good

i sure hope we see more of the patriots
is this the beginning of the end
i must say mr brady preformed quite well

that foles
i thought to myself
he must be on weed or something
he seems so laid back
so calm
so peaceful like
just taking it all in he was
some lucky team may snag him

thanx again to a great game and surrounding activities
its like someone put a filter like i have on facebook
that cut out any political stuff

lets hope those philly fans havent destroyed philly too much
they pelted santa claus with snowballs once
they are a different breed
like those european soccer fans

thanx for a good day and evening

the organicgreen doctor

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