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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Monday, March 11, 2019

i dont like it at all

in this picture above the time says its about 4:10
it feels like 4:10 am
the clock on my cellphone and my computer says 5:10
my body clock says its 4:10 am
by the time my body clock matches up with the new daylight notsaving time
it will be time to change it again

now whats the real time like it was before daylight timing time
more light in the morning or more light in the evening
im not sure whats right anymore

as a mostly morning person i like more morning daylight

so back to my watch
my old simple black casio watch that i would have for years before the watchband would break
when it broke since they were cheap i just bought another one and threw the old one away even though it was till ticking a way

i think that in some trashheap somewhere in the world there are these two cheap black casios still ticking in the trash with a broken band
i think of it like a pacemaker in someone who dies it just keeps zapping the heart and wont ever stop
im not sure how what they do
do they turn it off or do they just bury folks with the  pacemaker like they probably did my old watches
ill have to google that

an aside here
someone like a doctor or a techician turns off the pacemaker
if the embalmer who removes the pacemaker happens to get zapped well have you ever climbed over an electric fence and got zapped then you know how it feels
the pacemaker has to be removed before someone is cremated
wonder if they could turn off my watch for me after i die

now my watch has four knobs to push to move the numbers around
my math says 4x3x2x1 equals 24
so there are 24 possibilities when i try to push the buttons to try to get the new time

so i have saved on my computer the pamplet with the discription on how to do the time
pages and pages of directions
so i try to folow the directions closely but usually give up
i start pushing buttons trying all the possibilities
all 23 of them
not 24 since it seems the correct setting doesnt really exists on this watch
its all done to torture us here in the united states
all planned by the chinese who made it

i havent started pushing all the buttons yet
when i do
the numbers got forward and backwards
theyll zoom to mst then cst then est then theyll change to eruope time then russian time then hawaii time
itll move from all the airports in the world
itll turn into a timer then a stopwatch
itll add the date and the year then take it away making it a swirling timer
it does all kind of crazy things

if you look at the watch picture above it says 47 h
i guess that means 47 hours
why i have no idea
its suppose to say pst for pacific standard time
it never does though
i think what happened was mr h push that button when he was chewing on my watch one day

those lower numbers have been spinningg for weeks
all day all night one moving slow the other much much faster

i want it to say down there
march 11 2019
when i do my memory test and they ask the date the day of the week the year the location
i can just look down and read it off
last time
they asked the location i said 47 h
the other info
i said 16:55 and counting
9:09 counting evern faster
i think i failed that part of the memory test
next time i wont look down
ill just guess

so i have four choices to fix the watch

look only at the time
add one hour
never have to change anything
this may be the simplist one

start punching buttons until the hands whirl forward to the right time
done that
sometimes it works sometimes it really messes things up

use the pamplet which doesnt ever work for me

hand it to my son
who pushes a few buttons
hands it back to me after a few seconds
here dad
i look at him
thanks son

i then put on the watch
in 6 months ill just hand it to him and be done with it

the organicgreen doctor

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