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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

i want to read it all myself

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i mostly quit watching the news yesterday even the ones i usually agree with
i got tired of hearing the spin folks all say the same thing

all i know is that the house of representatives all of them voted to have the mueller report released for all of us to see and read

thats what i want to do is read it myself

i have always enjoyed political hearings
i like to watch them myself and make my own opinions

yesterday as i flipped across different news channels it was interesting that both sides were each using their sides same words like they both looked at their sides playbook and thats all they would say

cant you just say what you really think

now i think we as americans should not accept anything less than full release of the mueller report
for us to all read

from what i know of mueller he is a straight laced guy who does a thorough investigation following the law as he goes
he leaves no stone unturned
he seems to have the total respect of most folks

i totally trust what he says in the report and i for one will totally accept what he found and what he reported in his report but i want to read it myself

my guess is thats where most americans are at right now
in fact 90% of us want the report released for us to see
let us know for sure what he found
not what the politicians and news folks want us to think it says

this morning i read a political opinion piece from fox news that i had to do a second reading on to be sure it was really fox news

the opinion pretty much said what i wrote above

release it
let us all read it
we all trust mueller
one of the few folks most of us seem to trust nowadays
hum maybe he should run for president
he would have my vote for sure

lets all accept what he found
lets move on after that

if its not released for us to read and know whats in the report
it will never be accepted by most of us

lets dont let political folks tell use how to think
we can all read and think for ourselves

we also need to remember that there are things done illegally and unethically that will not be covered by the mueller report
it seems some folks dont understand that

i want to read it all myself

the organicgreen doctor

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