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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

its about the service

Image result for trader joe's

it was with interest yesterday when i saw the headline on my news feed
amazon was about to to enter the grocery business
now they already have whole foods
this would be different

from what i could tell it would be like some of amazons other stores
you walk in and get what you want
check yourself out maybe with your cellphone
sack it up
you are out of there

you just amazoned it

what do you do if you cant find the ketchup or the pasta sauce eg
do you ask some kiosk or something

now me
when i was in texas it was no doubt hands down heb
here in california heb aint here
there is absolutely nothing like a heb ive found here

we shop at trader joes
they have 90% of what we need
they have friendly folks you can stop and ask where something is
they will stop what they are doing and go help you find it
when you get ready to check out
they load the stuff onto the check out counter
then check your stuff
they then load up your bags for you
all  professional like
talking friendly chit chat while they are doing it
there is usually not any long lines

i dont think amazon can match that trader joes feeling you get when you shop there
its definitely not at the other grocery stores in this area either

its all about the service

i get these gift cards that spin off from my american express card so i use the orange big box store
to buy hardware stuff until i run out of the gift card then i go back to our favorite local ace hardware store
Image result for santa barbara home improvement center santa barbara ca 93101

at the orange one if you can find someone to help you commonly they dont help much
some do but most dont
if you can find one
their lines are all check out yourself lines
long ones sometimes just like the other grocery store lines

at the orange store if you talk to the garden folks they really dont usually know much
at the local store you can talk to the garden person all day about gardening

they have folks walking around with red vests that are looking to help you and they know what they are talking about and they dont seem to run when your walk towards them like the orange store folks do

then when you check out there are multiple lines manned by folks who smile and are helpful

i prefer going there

its all about the service

i wonder why the other chain of stores dont adopt this same philosophy

my wife she and i were talking about going into stores and not being able to find anyone to help you
they were either not around or seem to play hide and seek with you

the last time i shopped at a sears store to buy a small appliance i never was able to find someone to talk to
so i went to the cashier who said just got get what you want off the shelf
that was the last time i shopped at sears
that was years ago

why cant these folks figure it out like traders joes did and how the local ace store has figured it out

its all about the service
for me at least

the organicgreen doctor

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