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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, April 25, 2022

covid 19-omicorns subvariant of the subvariant ... what does it mean for us


there are now several generations of covid 19 mutations since the original one that hit us probably in late 2019
it went from wildtype to alpha to delta to omicorn to now all those subvariants with all those letters and numbers 
they havent named them yet just gave them numbers

each one it seems get more transmittable but it seems each one seems to cause less virulent or severe disease

add to that such that over 80% of us have at lest one vaxine 
you need at least two and three is probably best

add to that all those folks vaxxed and all those who got infected that now have immunity 
many vaxxed who got breakthrough infections probably have good immunity now against covid

we are in a better place now dealing with this pandemic

the only ones left out are the unvaxxed and those vulnerable folks who are immunosuppressed for some reason

these are the ones that we in our society need to protect

there are about 300 deaths a day from covid
those folks are mostly in the unvaxxed and the vulnerable but vaxxed category 

there are about 2000 deaths a day from heart disease
there are about 1600 deaths a day from cancer
there are about 100 deaths a day from car accidents
there are averaged out over a year about 55 deaths a day from the flu

so you can see covid is about number 3 in the deaths per day ranking
in 2021 it was number one
we should hit 1 million deaths total in about 6 weeks
it appears that 250,000 would have been saved by the vaxxines but folks didnt get them

that should put the covid in perspective now for april

if you are vaxxxed you will unlikely to get hospitalized and die
if you are immunosuppressed but vaxxxed you are vulnerable but may have some protection
if you are unvaxxed you are in that group that is in that 300 per day statistic from above

should that judge have ruled no masks on transportation like planes trains etc
that needs to remain with the cdc
ie the scientists need to make that decision

we arent there yet to safely unmask like that

would i fly right now

i heard two well know experts say the worst time for flying is boarding pre takeoff and post landing when the ventilation system is shut down 

this subvariant of the subvariant of the subvariant is much more infectious than the original wildtype but appears not to be more virulent

now if you are vaxxxed you wont die from covid you caught on a plane but you might get sick for several days to ruin a trip or vacation or miss several days or more from work
if you are unvaxxed and or immunocompromised you would be the group that would get the sickest or die from covid today

if i did fly which now i dont plan to do i would wear a mask maybe a double mask on a flight

when i was in practice i saw a lot of folks who traveled especially internationally
it was not uncommon for them to return from their trips to see me for an upper respiratory illness which i called kennel cough or airplane cough

kennel cough is what your dog gets when they are kenneled with other dogs for a period of time
its usually caused by a viral infection sometimes a bacterial infection

im 72 and im in good health with no significant risk factors except for my age
i dont want to get sick even if its just kennel cough
im wearing a mask when i get in a crowded situation
asian countries have been doing this for years especially during flu outbreaks
i will probably wear a n95 mask when i fly even when this pandemic is over
it might keep from getting that airplane kennel cough

i will get my 2nd booster in 11 days
i get my aduhelm infusion tomorrow at ucla
they require i wait 10 days after my infusion before i get my immunization

this booster should last me through the summer into the early fall
i expect this fall or winter is when there will be the start of the annual covid vaxxine 
hopefully they will mix it with the flu vaxxine
one shot i like

the under 5 covid shot will probably get decided on by the fda and cdc in early june so that folks like mr hudson who is vulnerable can start his series
since he is a transplant patient he will get 4 shots and they are looking at maybe doing a 5th one also 

dont forget if you are unvaxxed and especially if you are vulnerable to get sick with covid that there are antivirals available and anticovid antibodies available to prevent you from being hospitalized and possibly dying

we are in a much better place than we were last year and the year before

we arent there yet but we are real close

be safe
follow the science
the politicians and naysayers

the organicgreen doctor 

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