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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

covid 19-should you get the second booster and more


that is the question i asked myself and others asked me
my answer for myself is
i plan to get it

i am over seventy years old which puts me in a high risk category
i have had two shots plus the first booster

since i am in the aduhelm clinical trials at ucla getting monthly infusions of the monoclonal antibody aduhelm or aducanumab
i have to wait at least 10 days after my infusions and at least 10 days before my next infusion
i have an 8 day window that i can get my booster shot

you need to be over 50 years old to qualify
be over 12 and be immunocompromised eg a transplant patient obese diabetes etc
i read this am that some of these immunocompromised folks are now getting a fifth dose

so in my circle of family my wife she and i and my motherinlaw and mr hudson would qualify
of course mr hudson hasnt gotten his first covid shot yet
it may be another 1-2 months before that happens

the shots for under 6 year olds were delayed again to see how those kids under 6 years old in the study  did against the omicorn variant
hopefully soon mr hudson

its highly recommended for high risk folks like the elderly folks with diabetes obesity heart disease kidney disease lung disease immunocompromising diseases etc

how do they check for covid to see where the next outbreaks will be
they check our sewage
here is a link to a site where they list the covid counts in sewage
it the covid virus will show up first in the sewage before folks start getting sick and having positive covid tests and seeking medical care

here in this area there is a big spike in san luis obispo think herarst castle area
so probably soon they will see a spike in cases in that community 
also there is a small spike in the los angeles area in the riverside area and sonoma
in texas there is a big spike in the houston area

so you can go to that site and look up your city or area to see if there is an uptick in covid in your sewage
if there is then 
there will probably be an outbreak there soon

what to do if you arent immunized and get covid or if you are immunocompromised for some reason and you catch covid

if you are at high risk for getting sick with covid
you can go to this web site and find your location
click on it
you will find the location of where the oral anitviral pills are available in your area

these pills are free
you need to start them within 5 days of starting symptoms
they are
paxlovid 3 twice a day for 5 days
molnupiravir 4 twice a day for 5 days

these pills can prevent you from getting real sick and getting hospitalized or dying

if you are younger and in good health you probably will do fine with covid

the site also has the location and availability or the monoclonal antibody injections called evushield that may help prevent certain high risk individuals from getting covid
it lasts about 6 months

no ivermectin doesnt works
a recent study was done which showed it didnt work any better than doing nothing

if you are high risk and you catch covid

test yourself with your home kits that are free at this site
you may need a pcr covid test
test twice if its negative

if positive contact the pharmacy on the list so you can get started on the pill

we have an acquaintance over 70 who can not take the vaxxine
they should seek out these anticovid pills asap if they get symptoms
they can easily test themselves at home
time is the essence

they also should seek out the monoclonal antibody injection if they are in a highly risk category to prevent the infection

b1.2 is the dominant variant
could they name it please
there are also two newer omicron variants that are popping up
so far
fingers crossed 
these three subvariants arent worse than omicron was

if you are vaxxxed or vaxxxed you should do fine if you get infected
if you are unvaxxed and are immunocompromised then you are at risk for hospitalizations and dying
if you are unvaxxed and are young and healthy you should do ok with this infection
those at the highest risk should seek our antiviral treatment
if you are eligible and especially if you have risk factors you probably should get a fourth dose of the vaxxine ie you should get vaxxxxed

as we have relaxed ourselves and most are maskless 
there has been an uptick in flu cases recently 
one school district in texas had to close for a few days recently due to the flu

there will be an uptick this summer or fall of covid 
how bad
will be determined by what everyones immunity status is to covid
if some new more aggressive covid strain pops up

my advice
get vaxxed if you arent
get your boosters if you qualify 
watch closely whats happening in your area
if you qualify seek out the evushield shot for antibodies
if you get covid and you qualify get diagnosed early and seek the oral antiviral pills asap 

i must say we are in such a better place than we have been in months

the organicgreen doctor

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