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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

my aricept dream last night is still with me


i have been on the alzheimers drug aricept or donepezil now almost 12 years
one side effect of this drug is that it can cause real vivid dreams
my aricept dreams are vivid but rarely are they disturbing

i had disturbing dreams when i tried to take some prescription meds for my sleep
and when i took some supplements early on after my diagnosis
i stopped them all since they were causing these sometimes real violent disturbing dreams 
that i couldnt tolerate thinking about them during the day 

like when you watch a real disturbing movie you cant get out of your mind during the day 

now i just take aricept or donepezil for my mci due to alzheimers and just accept its effect on my sleep hours and its vivid every night dreams
i can accept this and live with it 

usually i have these dreams and they leave me not long after i wake up
i tell my wife she i need to write them down as soon as i wake up

ok so sometimes the boogey man or monsters are going to get me 
i wake up before they do 
then i forget about them

i can tolerate these
its like watching a good scary movie
it scares the heebie jeebies out of you
but it doesnt leave any long term effects on your psyche
you know like the shower scene in the hitchcock movie psycho

sometimes though but not very often the dream just sticks with you
here i am 4 hours awake and im still thinking about my dream last night
the details i remember are below

usually they are not disturbing
i quit trying to interpret my dreams

last night my wife she and i went camping at a campsite 
we had a tent but the campsite shared facilities like bathrooms
i remember now a facebook friend and their family are camping across the midwest and are posting their pictures
maybe thats why

after arriving at the campsite my younger son showed up to stay with us
he was a younger version of himself
maybe college age

my hand was hurting a lot my left hand 
he and this spiritual like person like a fortune teller put their hand over my hand then rhythmically started hitting the top of my left hand with their hands forming a cup
in my dream i called it cupping

as they did that i developed a burning in my hand like a heated up ice pick that was driven into my hand
i think i even woke up with my hand feeling like there was a big piece of metal in my hand that was all heated up

after this cupping of my hand by those two 
i think they were chanting also
there seemed to then be what appeared to be a nail that i could move back and forth in my hand
in the palm was the head of the nail just under the skin
if i pushed it upward the pointed end pushed up on the skin of the top of my hand

i moved the object back and forth till it got all loosened up 
at one point i was worried if i pushed it through the top of the hand that the nail head as it slid between the bones in my hand it might get caught on the bones and i couldnt remove it 
i couldnt push it out through the palm because it was the  nail head and wouldnt go through the skin

eventually i was able to force it out of the top of my hand
when it was pushed out like a splinter that has abscessed
a smooth piece of cedar wood
pointed on one end
blunted on the other

as it was removed i felt the relief from the burning in my hand

they took me to a local emergency room who then sent me to a hand specialist since my hand was all infected
i woke up before i got there

no i didnt smoke anything funny last night

once when i tried cbd for my sleep and since it may help slow down amyloid in the brain i developed real weird sometimes violent dreams
so i stopped the cbd

my dream i guess was a power of the dog dream
it makes you think but you dont understand it

so i dont know what happened to my hand

when i got up this morning 
i turned my light on my iphone to get a good look at my left hand

it was ok
its typing asdf ok

what does this dream mean
i dont know
im not going to worry about it

its like watching a short movie
its over now 

see why i enjoy my aricept dreams sometimes

the organicgreen doctor

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