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Monday, July 25, 2022

covid 19-now there are these 5 infections to deal with


we just thought we were finished with covid 19
its still here and will probably be here forever it seems

now there are these other infections that are cropping up for us to deal with
some are preventable with vaxxines

covid 19 subvariant subvariants ie ba.5 and one thats in india now    
meningococcal meningitis
marburg virus

covid 19
it is said that we will all this year catch covid ie the ba.5 or other subvariants
if you are vaxxed and double boosted you will fair well
those who dont do well are usually unvaxxed or immunosuppressed
there will probably be an omicron variant vaxxine this fall
i plan to get it
if you are 50+ or are immunocompromised you will qualify for a prescription for paxlovid which helps slow down the symptoms
most healthy younger folks do ok if they catch it 
you can feel bad for 1-2 weeks and will miss work school etc
wear a mask if you are in a high risk environment

we have had over 2800+ cases in the us
most victims are gay men
reading reports of people who get it
they dont die
but they are real real miserable for 1-2 weeks with fever sores that drain and hurt real real real bad
some folks have had to be admitted for pain control 
these oozing sores can cover all over the body
there have been two kids who caught it
the kids are being treated with an antiviral called tecovirimat
its hard to get for adults
there is a vaxxine that may be hard to access
its believed it will get out into the heterosexual community eventually
its spread by close skin to skin contact and from clothes and linens and via air droplets
sounds like handwashing and masking may help protect you some

meningococcal meningitis is a bacterial infection that can cause meningitis 
it is totally preventable by being immunized
most folks get the vaxxine around 10-12 and again around 18
before immunizations most cases were in colleges and the military
this recent outbreak in florida was in 26 adults mostly gay men leaving 7 of them to die
they were not vaxxinated

polio was an issue in the us up until the late 1950s
the sugar cube vaxxine many of us my age took prevent us from getting it
now kids get a series of the dead polio virus
the original was an attenuated live virus which isnt used in the us anymore but is in some foreign countries
a young man 20 years old caught polio which has left him paralyzed
why did he get it
he was not vaxxinated against polio
if you were vaxxinated against polio you are safe but there is a growing number of folks thanks to the antivax movement that dont get immunized
they are vulnerable

marburg virus causes an ebola like infection where folks hemorrhage to death 
its named marburg since there was an outbreak in marborg france several years ago
now marborg is showing up again
i dont think there is a vaxxine or real treatment for the marburg virus

of these the one we need to be watching is the monkeypox as it grows in numbers especially if it moves more to kids and the heterosexual community
if you are a gay male at risk you might consider getting vaxxinated when its available especially if you get an exposure

as our us society has become less vigilant we will see  more of these infections below we thought were undercontrol
many doctors have never seen cases of some of these
haemophilus influenza meningitis and pneumonia
chicken pox

other diseases some doctors have seen but may start being more prominent
pneumococcal pneumonia and meningitis
pertussis or whooping cough
hepatitis b
hepatitis a
hpv which can cause cervical cancer and penile cancer and oral cancer
the flu

of all those above 
only the marburg varines doesnt have a vaxxine

vaxxines saves lives
saves us a lot of misery

get yours when they are due

the organicgreen doctor

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