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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

is this in your sample


you have probably heard the ads on tv or online or in newsprint about all the lawsuits about roundup or glyphosate causing cancer especially lymphoma

have i ever used it before 
i used it more frequently before i became organic
have i used it since i became organic
i would paint it on a weed with a small paintbrush to kill it
i painted the tree stump or brush stump with a paintbrush after cutting down a tree

i never used it more than that at the country n

i instead use a hoe or a hand trowel or a shovel on weeds
i just pull them up by hand

i sometimes use an organic weed killer mix of 10-20% vinegar plus orange oil plus dish detergent
this kills the weeds
it doesnt kill the roots though

i also use sheet mulching or covering weeds with black plastic and leaving it for weeks

using the organic method of weed killing wont give me cancer
roundup or glyphosate will

a cdc study discussed in this article took over 2310 urine samples representing a cross section of america
1885 of them were positive for roundup or glyphosate in the urine
thats a 80% positive rate
a third of those studied were children

its thought most of the kids got the roundup or glyphosate from eating food
yes its found in baby food
i guess buying organic baby foods for your baby may be important
grow your own organic veggies and produce

farmers plant glyphosate resistant soybeans and corn then spray the fields with the roundup or glycophosphates to kill the weeds
wait wont those weeds eventually become resistant to roundup or glyphosate
thats called  natural selection

some who raise wheat spray it at the end of the growing season to get it to dry out
this year its so hot and dry maybe they wont have to use the stuff this year

now the makers of glyphosate claims it doesnt cause health problems but they are about to pay out millions and millions of claims that it does at least cause lymphoma

i know when i give my grandkids a banana or a orange or a strawberry or a blackberry or a squash or a tomato or a bean or a pea or an egg or a piece of kale or chard or carrot from my garden or our community garden that they are getting a glyphosate free vegetable that cant poison them

an aside here someone i was talking to recently farmed in eastern arkansas a few years ago said that after agent orange was taken off the market they were allowed to use the generic version for several years on their soybeans
i sure hope i didnt eat any of their soybeans but i bet we all did

now they probably use glyphosate or roundup

so i guess if you use this stuff and have kids you might get their urine tested to see how much they have in their sample
if its positive which it probably will be then quit using it

most but not all of the veggies we eat are from my garden but not all
if i buy organic veggies and fruit then im still probably safe

man i dont wont to deal with lymphoma
i wont use that stuff
ill just stay organic

the organicgreen doctor

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