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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, July 14, 2022

garden news-pfertilizer


a disclaimer here
im not saying that i would do this or have done this

i suggest you read this article yourself to decide if this is something you would do

the name of the article is peecycling how to fertilize your garden with nutrient rich urine

npk is a label on fertilizers
n is for nitrogen
p is for phosphorus
k is for potassium

urine on average has a npk of 11-2-4
its organic
the organic fertilizer i use is either 4-4-4 or 4-6-4
the liquid fish emulsion seaweed molasses fertilzier i use is 2-2-2
the get your grass real green fertilizer thats not organic is 15-0-0

so urine has a high nitrogen level

in the southwest and here in california were are in a severe drought
we are presently on stage 2 drought water restrictions
each flush is about 1.6 gallons a day
if an 72 year old male went 5 times a day
that would take 8 gallons of water to flush 
in a year that would be about 3000 gallons of water a year

this is how much 3000 gallons is
its the capacity of one of these tanks

if that man put that urine into his garden he would save 3000 gallons a year of water
his garden would be real real luscious

since urine has a high nitrogen content it needs to be diluted
the article lists different dilution rates for different uses

urine is sterile as it comes out of the body unless one has a urine infection
even then it can be pasteurized if there was a concern
i guess you have to boil it if there was an infection
doesnt sound like something i would want to do
wouldnt that make our house smell like a poorly managed nursing home
like the one my wife she threatens to put me in if im not good

the article describes other methods of handling the urine

remember dont go pee on your yard 
if you do you will get yellow spots like when dogs find a spot they like to pee on
it has to be diluted 

you have to be aware of what meds you are on
i take aricept or donepezil and lipitor or atorvastatin and omeprazole or prilosec and vit b12 and folate and vit d3 and citocholine and probiotics and aspirin and adhuhelm or aducanumab infusions
those all get excreted in the urine

it may be better to use urine from someone who isnt on any meds

just remember that all that urine and sewage and stuff down the drain is going down the toilet and down the drain into our sewer system and eventually out into our rivers or our oceans

it may be better if we pee on the ground and let the soil microorganisms help break down all those medications

will i use pfertilizer
im not opposed to doing a small individual experiment on a tomato or pepper
be aware of that if i give you some produce from my garden
you know those yellow tomatoes ive been giving you
they are suppose to be red ones

maybe along our trash bin we could have a ptank for our pfertizer to be picked up by our trash guys

save our water resources and grow a lush garden 

the organicgreen doctor

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