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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, October 24, 2022

covid 19-rebound time


the new subvariants of omicron which are variants of the original wildtype are not the same viruses
the wildtype or original covid was much more virulent 
the wildtype killed over one million americans
the new subvariants are less virulent but are much more contagious and are more evasive of our immunity
these subvariants will only kill around 120,000 this year which is way too much
thats about 80,000 more than a bad flu year will cause
this could be a bad flu year by the way so get your flu shots

the new subvariants are mainly killing unvaxxed folks immunosuppressed folks and us old folks

the rest of the folks are surviving the infection intact

lucky in the us most americans over 90% have some immunity at least from the original wildtype covid which gives them some protection from getting real bad sick like hospitalizations and dying

many of us have had all four shots and many have had the bivalent covid shot
which i highly recommend everyone eligible gets asap 

heres my story
in march 2020 i think i had covid which would be the wildtype
i couldnt ever prove it though since the testing was negative but wasnt accurate at that time
i must admit at one point i thought i was going to die
fatigue almost 50 lbs weight loss shortness of breath palpitations loss of appetite almost killed me
but i recovered
my primary care doctor and other specialists feel like i had covid
so do i
now two+ years later the testing is accurate and readily available

i had my two original vaxxines and my two boosters then i was scheduled to have my bivalent booster which i had to reschedule since it was too close to when i got my biogen aducanumab infusion
i have to wait 10 days before or 10 days after the infusion is given
i have to wait until january to get it

a contact went on a trip and got sick with covid
my wife she and another acquaintance got sick with covid
about 5 days after they got sick i got sick

almost 2 weeks ago i worked in the garden came home ate lunch then all of a sudden i felt bad ran fever had headache had body aches had nausea and had more nasal congestion
my covid test was positive
i borrowed a dose of her paxlovid and took it then got my pcp to call in a prescription
i took to for 5 days

within 48 hours i was asymptomatic

one week before when my wife she got sick my test was negative hers was positive

at 6 days after turning positive my covid test was negative and i was asymptomatic

then last friday afternoon which was 10 days after testing positive my symptoms started to return
fever headache marked nasal congestion a persistent annoying dry cough body aches some nausea
and fatigue
the next two days my symptoms got worse

it felt like what you would feel precovid when you would get a bad cold that lasted for several days

now on this monday morning 3 days later i feel ok so far
i have no fever or headache or body aches or cough or nausea and no fatigue this morning so far
i still have mild nasal congestion

i opted not to test myself 
i just isolated myself for 3 days which i had no problem doing since i felt washed out
today i plan to leave the condo wearing a mask if i am around anyone just to be safe

it been almost 2 weeks since i developed symptoms and tested positive

i plan on getting my bivalent covid vaxxine in late december or early january unless the recommendation changes on getting the vaxxine after catching covid

i plan on getting my flu vaxxine later this week 
i have to wait 10 days since my last infusion last week to get my flu shot

would i have gotten sicker if i hadnt taken the paxlovid
i dont know 
i wasnt willing to take the chance since i am in the high risk category 

i know how i felt the last 3 days so i sure wouldnt have wanted to have been worse than that
my wife shes course was worse than mine 
the paxlovid seemed to shut her sickness down significantly
i have no doubt she would have gotten much worse without the paxlovid

im well aware that even if i get the bivalent covid shot that i still can catch covid again as can any of yall whether vaxxinated or not
you might get sicker without it

this covid infection and rebound infection has disrupted all the things we like to do 
we felt bad for days

get your bivalent vaxxine and your flu shot
consider paxlovid if you catch covid and are at risk

the organicgreen doctor

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