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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

i dont want to fall down again


in march 2020 i wrote this blog linked here about why i didnt like daylight saving time
at the end of the blog i wrote i  feel like i sprang back and fell forward

theres no s on saving so does that mean there is just one advantage of dst as it called
i wonder if they called it savings if there would be more benefits to doing it
i noticed i spelled it all wrong in my old blog
its daylight saving with no s on the end of saving time

i just notice it makes me feel tired and wonky feeling for awhile or dst if you cant remember how to write it correctly

like i wrote in that blog the birds dont care about any of this time change stuff
ask any school teacher
they dont like it either
theres nothing worse than 30 tired and wonky kids in your class

what they really ought to do is do the time change in the summer so the parents will have to deal with all this
thatll bring about a change for sure

now ive wrote several times i like more sunshine in the morning since i am a morning person
i dont really care if theres more time in the afternoon
when i hit noontime
im done for the day
i move inside for the rest of the day
ok ill admit my day starts early anywhere from 2-4 am
so my 12 noon is a lot of your 4 pms

i love sitting here around 6 am and watching the sun come up and the birds get all active
i lose that with daylight not saving time

i know i know
i could be just like the birds and dont worry what the clock says
just get up when you get up and dont worry about what time it is

i just wished it all worked that way

so the us senate passed a law setting daylight saving time as the time all year round
they are waiting on the house to vote for it and biden to sign it

what are they waiting for

california voters already passed a recommendation that allows the legislature to pass a law saying leave it set all year round
it never got passed

now we are just waiting
we will have to endure another few months of falling around figuring out what time it is
the law still may not make it through by the spring when we have to spring around

i say contact your representatives
tell them to fix this time thing in place and quit moving the time around

on november 6 i will do what i wrote in my old blog
write it all down to figure out what time it really is
i hope i dont hurt myself springing and falling around

just leave the damn time set and quit changing it
we can be like the birds and other animals
the teachers will be happy 

the organicgreen doctor

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