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Monday, December 19, 2022

covid 19-will the rise in cases in china cause a wave to hit us


the consensus of scientists is that the covid virus probably started in a wet animal market in wuhan china
from there it spread everywhere

thanks to sociopolitical reasons we lost over 1 million folks to covid in the us
most didnt have to die

but thanks to a large percentage of folks getting vaxxinated and many getting fully boosted and the fact that natural immunity has occurred here in the us so that most of us have some protection against covid

so when it hits us we have enough immunity from vaxxination and or infection to keep us from dying or being hospitalized

only the most vulnerable are at risk now
thats older folks and folks with immunosuppression

we recently lost a friend in his 50s to the complications of covid
so folks are still dying
around 300+- a day are dying in the us

in china there isnt much immunity in the population against covid
the omicron variants are infecting them now

china is about to lift its zero covid policy
this will make covid explode there

they are expecting hundreds of millions of cases
all those new cases may lead to new variants

their approach has failed 
over 90% have had their first shots but few are boosted
their vaxxines arent as effective as ours
some given werent even effective at all

because of their strict covid restriction covid really hasnt infected the population yet
now the covid will hit them real hard

there are already reports of funeral homes and crematories being super busy
its expected the health care system there will be totally overwhelmed

there are expected to be a lot of older folks to die there
the estimated deaths will be between 1 million to 2 million

this will affect all of chinas economy 
which will affect us also

then the question is 
how much of that covid will find itself over here to the us
how much of a surge will those cases cause here in the us

last time in 2020 we didnt fare so well

now its predicted we will 

thanks to 
our natural immunity 
our high immunization rate
the use of masks by some folks 
the avoidance of inside venues by some folks
the use of paxlovid in at risk patients

heres hoping this will stem the tide that will hit us from that covid wave from china

what to do in the us
nothing new
get vaxxed and get the bivalent covid boosters
wear a mask in high risk situations
avoid large indoor gatherings
wash your hands

also remember these protect you against the flu and rsv and those other nasty reparatory illness

be careful
hopefully it wont be a tsunami tidal wave

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