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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, December 12, 2022

covid 19-worry about your granny


i told my wife she this summer that it was going to be a bad winter for covid and other respiratory illnesses
i knew the covid wouldnt go away and would keep mutating to gain some type of advantage to be able to infect folks
it evolved from the wildtype to where it now evades the immunity from the original covid vaxxine and the immunity from getting infected 
now the new bivalent vaxxine doesnt work as well as the original one did against the wildtype

folks still are getting sick but they arent dying or getting hospitalized as much
unless they are unvaxxed or older folks or immunosuppressed
we lose around 200-300 a day still from covid

eg we were totally vaxxed and we were about to get the bivalent vaxxine in october when we got covid

my symptoms lasted one day mainly because i was vaxxed and because i got on paxlovid
i did get a rebound for 3 days but it also was mild even milder than a common cold

i also knew that rsv or respiratory syncytial virus didnt have an increase in the last two years because folks were masked and were isolated
with us all going about and kids back to school and to daycare especially the under 2 year olds 
i knew this was going to be an increase in rsv cases
boy was i right on that one

i also knew the flu was not bad the last two years but i knew it would be worse this year
was i ever right on that one
there was also a warning from australia they were getting hit hard
lucky for us the flu vaxxine seems to be working against this years h3n2 flu

these 3 virus outbursts are now called the trifecta or tripledemic
covid rsv flu

i also told my wife she i planned to wear my mask all winter long when i get in high risk situations
thats what i have done
i may keep doing that every winter and also as long as the covid numbers stay up some
i read where our local hospital had to reactivate their covid unit for mainly covid and flu cases

who do you need to worry about the most during this trifecta or tripledemic
worry about your granny
she is the most vulnerable

make sure your granny
got her flu shot
got all her covid shots including the bivalent covid shot
next summer the rsv shot should be available for grannies
make sure granny gets one
keep her away from rsv flu or covid or other virus sick grandkids nieces nephews

all three of these can make granny real sick

make sure granny wears her mask like i do in high risk situations
this is the mask i have settled on to wear
i started the pandemic with cloth masks but eventually ended up with these
they are n95 masks
they are black so they didnt get as dirty
i have about 6 of them left

if you are sick wear a mask around granny or stay away from her

also remember the young babies pregnant women and immunosuppressed folks that are also quite vulnerable to these infections

like you would if your loved one had cancer and was on chemotherapy
of course they would be masking all the time 

wash our hands a lot

dont be the one that makes granny sick

a lot of folks died from covid who would be alive today had they done all these things above
grandparents aunts uncles nephews nieces fellow employees bosses teachers preachers
thousands of them died unnecessarily from covid
thanks to false narratives espoused by many folks

shame on them

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. For some reason we have been hesitant to get the last Moderna booster. Guess we better get it?