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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, August 7, 2023

why i like old school car keys


i drive a 2010 toyota yaris with 150,000 miles on it
it gets around 40 mpg
it has windows you roll up or down manually
the keys are old school car keys
ie they are not electronic ones

i have 2 sets of these old school car keys

my grandkids love to crank my windows up and down

the reason i like old school keys is i have a fear of running into a body of water and not being able to open the doors if the doors are electric

with the old school keys and crank windows you just roll down the windows with the hand crank my grandkids like to play with and swim to safety
i have nightmares about this 
not aricept dreams

these are my keys for our old lexus
they were lost for a few years at the country n
i found them years later in the mulch in my garden
i always kept a thick layer of mulch in the garden
sadly i found them a few years after we sold the lexus

one time we were driving someone elses car with those electronic keys you dont put in a slot
i had it in my pocket
my wife she was driving

along the way to the gas station a relative called me to go look at something with her
i got out of the car and went with them
with the key in my pocket

my wife she got out of the car at the gas station to fill up the tank
ms b was inside the car in her car seat
my wife she filled up the tank then couldnt open the door to the car
ms b was stuck inside by herself
luckily she was able to locate me so we could bring the key to her to open the door after a long wait

today i read about a tesla driver who got locked in his car
in phoenix
in 100 degree weather
he couldn't get out
apparently the tesla has a separate 12 volt battery that controls the windows
the battery had ran down 
he was stuck
also apparently he found out later there is a latch you can unlock under the seat that lets you out of the car if the electric system doesnt work
he found out about it after he was rescued

once several years ago one hot morning in texas at the country n i got into the old lexus
closed the door
put my key in the ignition
it went click click click
i tried to get out
the doors were locked
i couldnt get out
i called my son who was in our back bedroom 
he couldnt hear the phone
my wife she was at work

the sun came up and started shining into the windows
it got hotter and hotter
i sweated and sweated
im gonna die right here in this car in my driveway 
from heat stroke i thought
i decided i might try to break out a window
i tried but i couldnt kick it out
i decided to call 911 to have the rural fire department to come out to free me

i thought i would wait a while longer before i called them
i noticed the battery light went out in the car
i tried to start the car again
it was dead as a door knob
i reached over
grabbed the door handle
it opened
in rushed a lot of fresh cool air

i was saved when the battery completely ran down

i was so happy when we bought our yaris with its old school key

sadly it will probably be the last car i will drive with that type of key
its also a stick shift

for now 
i have no nightmares about my car keys since they are old school ones

sorry elan
no tesla for me

the organicgreen doctor

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