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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

dear ms b-hear kitty kitty


there is this hat called a pussycat hat
its pink
we will get you one
i want you to save it
until you understand what it means

when you get older
when you get to the age when you can understand
reread this blog
hopefully when you do
things will be better for all those involved that day

on january 21, 2017 there was an massive march in
washington dc
a womens march
around 500,000 in that city
but nationwide this was the largest march in the history of the usa

why did they march
well when you get to reach the age when you can read this
you probably will understand
hopefully you havent experienced too much
injustice from being a female

one of my former patients posted on facebook
a posting about this march

when i read or hear reports about an event
like a sporting event for example
an event that i watched myself
sometimes the two dont match up
what i heard and saw
what they heard and saw

so this patient
who describes her self as a libertarian and a republican
a pro life person
well she went to the march here in austin
along with 50,000 others

she was asked by her daughters friend
can you take me to this march
sure she said
always one for an adventure

first she went to the marches website
here is what she read
“We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”

“The march is non-partisan, and we want to spread a message of 
hope, togetherness, and positivity.” 

she said
i believe in all those things
she hates bigotry

so off she went
ms b
her kids and their friends and her friend
all in tow

on her shirt it read

on her poster it read
i march for all women
even the unborn

i thought when i first read this
my what a brave lady

we had folks we know who went to the march

like my former patient
they found the march peaceful

my former patient
never was threatened or a big deal was made of her t shirt
and her sign
they were treated like the other marchers

when she heard antitrump stuff
antiabortion stuff
she didnt participate
the majority of stuff she said she participated in
which was most of what was chanted
spoke about

the walk is for justice for those who have been discriminated against
people of color
people of different sexual orientation
people of different religions
women who have been discriminated against throughout
our history
like voting working equal pay job promotions equal sports
even at times stay at home moms

yes as of today we have made progress
but we are not there yet
we are hoping this movement will continue to progress
when you get older
your chances for promotion for work for school
will be the same as those of the opposite sex

now my former patient feels good
about going to the march
even though most didnt agree with her on some things
they accepted her
most of what they marched for
most women in america
want they same thing for
themselves their daughters their granddaughters their nieces
their aunts their grandmothers

well ms b
we want the same for you
i just hope when you read this
its all fixed for you

thanks to ka for allowing me to quote her posting

the organicgreen doctor

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