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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

halfs and have nots

this is all about halfs

half of the eligible voters voted this year
almost half of them voted for trump
slightly more than half voted for clinton

half of the insured in the us get their insurance
from their employers insurance

almost half of the insured in the us get their insurance
from medicaid medicare childrens health insurance program chips
and obamacare

thats almost the number that voted for either candidate

i guess what im trying to show is that
about half of you who read this blog today
on your employers insurance
you are hopefully safe from the politicians

the almost other half are at risk
high high risk
almost 44% of you
from having you health insurance dramatically affected

then there is the unlucky 11% who are simply uninsured
thats 29,000,000

Image result for us healthcare system

this is a political issue
its not and shouldnt be a political party issue
these upcoming changes dont care who you voted for

you may pay more
you may lose your coverage
you may get a policy but it could be one of those junk policies
that the obamacare rules got rid of

so when i look at what could happen
i think about a dog that chased down a big ole bear
grabbed its tail
held on real tight

the bear turns around and looks at the dog
now he says
whatcha gonna do now

last night i heard obama say
he would be the first to champion a change
if it makes insurance coverage for people better
and more affordable

i feel the same
i dont care who is making it better
ill support them too

such it is with 44% of us
141,000,000 of us
are likely going to lose

if you are one of these 141 million folks
like me
like most of my siblings and inlaws
like my parents were
like you will be if you arent now

you i need to pay attention
it doesnt matter whether you voted for
trump or clinton or someone else or didnt vote at all
you need to find out who your congress person is
make them do whats right for
almost half of our population

like when folks from all political spectrums
got upset about the ethics changes about to happen
we all got ticked off
they felt the heat
they changed it back to where it should have been

my friends should be aparty
it doesnt matter what party you are affiliated with
it may hurt you all the same
in the pocketbook
in the lack of coverage

now i have bought plans on the individual market
good ones
that have good coverage
luckily for me i knew enough about insurance to
identify the bad ones
i have bought obamacare policies
luckily for me i knew enough about insurance to
identify the bad ones
most folks arent always able to do that

there is a high risk for a lot of people
maybe nearly half of you
yes including me
to get royally screwed in this deal

all i can say
dont let them do it to us

the organicgreen doctor

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