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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, January 23, 2017

does size matter

every time i hear or read stuff that he says
stuff that doesnt seem quite right
i always think back to when i was a kid
reading stories

the one story i always think about is
the emperors new clothes

if you dont know or remember the story line
here is a link to give you the gist of the story

well this weekend
there was a emperors new clothes occurrence

even fox news drilled his press secretary
he the interviewer of the press secretary said
just look at the pictures
you ever read the emperors new clothes

when i heard him say that
i almost fell out of my chair

ok he really didnt say that about the emperors new clothes
he did drill him several times
just look at the pictures he said

what pictures you ask
well here are three pictures of the national mall

Image result for photos of inauguration crowd size
trumps inauguration      obamas inauguration
Image result for women's march washington national mall photo
womens march in washington

be careful now
this is not the emperors new clothes
its just the facts
thats the facts
its what you see
we all know its true

the emperor needs to just not try to convince us
to see his new clothes

he is the us president
he needs to worry about important things

keep the economy that obama left us
keep it humming
make it better if he wishes
warning those good paying jobs they just may not
ever return here to the us
if they do
kudos to you

keep your little paws off of medicare
as someone who knows a lot about insurances
as a former family doctor
as one who now has medicare
it is the best most streamline insurance i have ever had
it sir is a sacred cow
mess with it and those who do may not return next time
tweek it
thats ok

health insurance we all gotta have it
get rid of obamacare if you want
warning to you and to all americans
dont let him replace it with those cheap crappy insurances
that dont cover anyone for hardly anything
dont say youll insure us all with those bad policies
i have no problem changing things just make it better not worse

i ran my income through a calculator of his tax program
i would pay $1000 less a year in income tax
well more than he did
i personally rather pay that $1000 back to the government
to make things better

that includes you and your billionaire buddies need to pay more
not less taxes
ill sacrifice that tax money as a per cent of my income
if yall match that same percentage
seems fair to me

education needs work
not destroyed
even those teachers many who voted for you
do not
i repeat
do not like your new
education secretary nominee
i think you need to find someone else please
so do they

at least that seems like something both sides agree on
why dont you do that first

so sir
if you do all these things
you probably will be an eight year president
if you dont
you will be getting kinda old in 4 years

so sir
do this and you might make it
by the way
you need to change your clothes
i can see right through them

they are right
size does matter

the organicgreen doctor

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