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Monday, January 16, 2017

the dreamer

Image result for mlk i have a dream speech

the last few days
i have thought alot about mlk
martin luther king
what all he did
where we are today with what he fought for

i think we are much better off
then we were back when he was marching

when i go to a public restroom
i stand up and pee next to a black person doing the same

when i look at the airport for a water faucet to drink from
yes there are more than one
but there is no label above one of them called
colored only or whites only
the differences
are the height of the faucets so you dont have to bend over
so those in wheelchairs can access the faucets

my we have changed some havent we

yes i remember the water faucets at the county square
where it said
colored only

it seems so long ago

i guess this change might have happened eventually
it was mlk and his involvement in the nonviolent movement
that sped up the process
without these demonstrations and many of our consciouses
it might not have ever happened
thank goodness he came along
our past would have been scattered with lots of violence

things might have stayed the same

even today
there are three states
alabama mississippi arkansas that still honor the
confederacy on this date

now i have relatives that fought and died for the confederacy
i accept that
i respect them fighting for what they believed in
if that was for slavery to persist
yes many were slave owners
many introduced their dna inappropriately
i cant honor the confederacy on this date
its a thing of the past
something we of that blood line need to put behind us

we need to all move forward not backwards

my wife she and i went to see the movie
hidden figures
a story about the black female computer calculators
that were so important for the space programs
success in the early years of the 50s and 60s

in the movie
you can see the things thats mlk
marched for and fought against

you can see we as a country have made a lot of progress
in making racial injustice a thing of the past
no its still there ill admit
but its much much better

all you have to do is look around you

as we move forward
lets not undo
what is right
all those things that society has made better for
those discriminated against in the past

lets not step backwards

i am afraid if we do
we will all lose

the organicgreendoctor

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