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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

santa barbara country n news-rainwater collection intro


my google search says that santa barbara gets an average yearly rainfall of 19 inches
austin where we use to live gets an average yearly rainfall of 35 inches
if you had a structure that had a 100 square feet roof then in a years time you could collect about 50 gallons for an inch of rain
in santa barbara that would be about 950 gallons that one could collect off of a roof this size
add to that all the moisture that collects on the roof from the morning fog
as ms b calls it its froggy today

since moving here two years ago i have helped put in a 300 gallon rainwater collection system at the elementary school where i volunteer in their garden

i have been itching to do more rainwater collection systems

recently the old greenhouse was torn down and another one is being built
i asked the brains behind the community garden and its major supporter
you know if you put up rain gutters and put in some rainwater tanks you could collect around 6000 gallons of rainwater off that structure each year

hopefully he is interested
this area has a water supply problem that is not going away
i think rainwater collections should be encouraged like in texas where there are tax advantages for doing them and laws are passed making it easier for homeowners to do them
ie keeping the hoa at bay

now i put in a 30000 gallon system at the country n in texas
i also helped put tanks at 3 different schools and helped my neighbor put in his 20000 gallon system
i have plenty of experience

while standing in the garden one early sunday morning
the best time to be there
i happened to look over at our chicken coop
it has a metal roof
it is out from under the big ole oaks
what a good building to collect rainwater from
i thought

then i thought about
a few weeks earlier when a crew was cleaning up debris from down the hill near the garden
they chunked at old plastic gutter into their trash truck
it was intact
i climbed in the back of the  truck and saved that gutter
i might use that one day

i remembered about  a year ago when i was walking around the garden perimeter fence i noticed that someone had thrown out these 2 2 inch pvc pipes
the size i used sometimes for downspouts for rainwater collection

so that sunday morning i thought to myself
i want to put up a rainwater collection system off that chicken coop to maybe save a 1000 gallons of rainwater each year

the way the coop sits all that 1000 gallons runs off it down the hill to a creek then out to the ocean
why not keep it in our garden

i asked the right people
i got their permission

first i took the rainwater gutter
cleaned it up good
spray painted it
trimmed it to fit the coop roof
cost practically zero
actually it was zero since i had all the supplies already

i took the pvc pipes
spray painted them nutmeg with paint left over from my school rainwater system
trimmed it to fit the coop structure
i did have to run the gutter the opposite way i wanted to since the chicken coop was not level at the roof line
ie it leaned to the left instead of to the right

this is the end product
minus the two 55 gallon tanks which will arrive next week
the tanks will be placed on top of concrete blocks which i also scavenged from the back of that dump truck
gardeners will be able to put a watering can under the spout on the tank to get rainwater to use in their gardens

as a bonus to me for doing this
i will run the overflow line from the two tanks into my garden where i have 1 foot deep trenches filled with mulch in my walkways which i calculate can hold around 500 gallons

i have now introduced a rainwater collection system to our community garden saving us around 1000 gallons of water each year

may this introduction lead to more collection systems here

the organicgreen doctor

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