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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, August 5, 2019


i had to force myself to watch the news reports on the mass shootings this week
three in one week
senseless events
shouldnt be happening

as a country have to figure out why this is happening
we might try looking at other countries that dont seem to be having this problem
what are they doing that we arent doing
we need to fix what they seemed to have mostly fixed

i think back over the last 60 plus years of my life
i dont remember this happening
these mass shootings
i mean how can you gun down a kid
we did have the shooting of kennedy the shooting of robert kennedy the shooting of martin luther king the shooting of wallace the attempted shootings of president ford the shooting of ronald reagan the shooting of john lennon
but the mass shootings i dont really remember them happening

it was hard to watch some of the stories this weekend
the one that was the hardest to watch was
the young couple with their new infant was shopping for their kids school stuff
the young dad when the shooting started
got in front of his wife
he was gunned down
she covered up her infant
she was gunned down
both parents died
the young infant when rescuers got to the infant had to roll the mom off the baby
then take him to the emergency room as john doe
he luckily only had broken fingers

how can someone shoot all these people
three different people doing this in 3 different states
all the shooters were young white males
all were using guns that shot out a lot of rounds of ammo in a matter of seconds
doing all that damage
luckily they were stopped fairly quickly before the killings worsened
a lot of the victims most of them in fact were dark skinned people

what do we do to explain all this
what do we do to correct it

the common threads then are guns spewing out a lot of bullets in less than a minute
the shooters are all white males
the victims are all mostly dark people

we have to do something about allowing these types of weapons to be bought and sold here in the us
this includes allowing rifles to be be adapted to be these weapons
i see no use of them for hunting or protection
we have to make a choice in the united states like other countries have done
we have to look at the white supremacy groups and condemn them and denounce them
we i mean all of us
we have to shut down and condemn the rhetoric the antirace the antireligious the antisexual orientation rhetoric in our country
this starts with the president
this ends with all of us

yes i know mental health is part of this since we dont do a good job here in the united states providing mental health
yes i know there are a lot of psychosocial issues involved here that we have to address
we have to start with those things i mentioned above

i am not an antigun person
i am comfortable around guns
i in the past have done gun range shooting and skeet shooting and have hunted
it doesnt bother me if you do these things
if you have guns at home for home protection and for sport and for hunting
im ok with that

thats not what these things that are used are made for
they are made for mass killings
originally made for the military

if we dont do something
i mean all of us
we will see more of this

are these happening
i think we all know why

the organicgreen doctor

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