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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, January 23, 2020

double barreled flu

Image result for cdc flu shots
thats what this article calls this years flu season
the double barreled flu season

about half of the flu cases are type a covered by the flu shots usually

half of the flu cases are type b which are not covered well by this years flu shot

its been about 30 years since a flu season like this has happened
there hasnt been much b flu the last few seasons so youngsters have no built up immunity from past exposures

the b victoria started earlier and was the dominant strain but now an a strain is starting to rise
with some overlap of the two strains infecting folks at the same time

this year its possible to get the flu twice
one a b version
the other an a version
sucks huh

if you havent got the flu shot you should get it
you might not get the flu
you will help spread the flu to others if you get the flu
folks with heart disease elderly youngsters pregnant women cancer patients kids like mr h waiting for transplant and other imunosuppresive conditions are more susceptible to the flu

even if you get the flu shot and it doesnt cover the particular flu thats going around it seems to help some

the type b victoria flu is the first that happened now the a flu is coming in stronger which will make for a longer flu season and a more deadly flu season this year
39 kids have died so far with 9 of those being in tennessee with the flu

what can you do
get the flu shot if you havent yet
get the flu shot if you havent yet
wash your hands
wash your hands
cough into your elbow
if you are sick with flu like symptoms stay home
absolutely if you are sick stay away from those folks who can ill afford to get the flu
stay home
thats the best you can do in this double barreled flu season

the organicgreen doctor

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