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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, January 9, 2020

my heb


kxan.com article on heb

for those who dont know what heb is
its a chain of grocery stores in texas that just got rated the number one grocery food chain in the us

if you lived in texas and used an heb then moved where they arent around
youll understand how good they are

heb is located in texas and in northern mexico

heb stands for howard e butts the originator of the store or
here everythings better
which i may add is true
here is their website heb.com

they are known for their charity donations
sometimes they are first to deliver stuff at natural disasters in texas

when we moved to santa barbara we went through heb withdrawal
each week when i went grocery shopping i went to a different grocery store until i settled on this scheme for getting our grocery shopping done

now remember in texas i just went to the heb to do all our shopping
usually at 630 am

i go to trader joes
to me it feels like a heb small brother
i go to ralphs they need to go to heb or trader joes how to do things right school
i didnt see any ralphs or its kroger stores on that best list
i go to cvs
i know i know they give you a long long strip of receipts that looks longer than an ancient scroll
i go to ace hardware here which seems like a trader joes version of a hardware store whose employees seemed to have done the how to be nice trader joes or heb school
i might if i really really have to go to home depot i will but its my last resort
i must add they should send home depot management to heb and traders joes to learn how to run things

in texas i would shop first thing sunday morning then i was done
one stop got it all
i go to ralphs first to get stuff trader joes dont have
then at 800 am when traders joes opens i finish up there
during the week i will zoom in and out of the other stores to get the other stuff we need that trader joes and ralphs dont have

like i wrote above
use to in texas
i would just zoom in to my heb and be done

we miss our heb

in fact two places we have to go to when we return to austin is
chuys mexican food

wonder if they would come to santa barbara
both of them

the organicgreen doctor

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