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Monday, January 27, 2020

the snake or beer virus


this weekend we were discussing the news and were talking about the new coronavirus that was spreading across the world
one gentleman who has a sense of humor said
you mean the beer virus
what do you mean i asked
he said
you know
corona beer

its also being called the snake virus since it may have spread from wild snakes sold at a wild animal market in wahun china
some think that like the sars outbreak it may have come from say bats which snakes have been known to eat
the snakes get infected with the coronavirus
which eventually gets to humans who mess with the snakes or eat them
thats right folks eat wild snakes

you have these crowded large markets where stuff like dust and feathers and viruses get all stirred up into the air
it gets breathed into the lungs
some folks get infected and eventually start having symptoms
after they get back home
home being for some other countries all over the world

there may be cases in 22 states now in the us

the official name is novel coronavirus or 2019-ncov

the corona or beer or snake virus is in the cold family of virus
there are no vaccines or any antiviral medications to treat it
those most vulnerable are those with suppressed immune systems
cancer patients elderly the youngest of us those with lung diseases like asthma and emphysema those on immunosuppressive drugs like steroids and organ rejection drugs and anti arthritis drugs that work via immunosuppression kidney disease patients heart patients liver patients pregnant females to name a few

for those who are real healthy the symptoms may be like a bad cold
those at risk things may be a lot worse if they get infected

symptoms may be fever cough respiratory symptoms
worse symptoms can be pneumonia sars or severe acute respiratory symptoms or failure or kidney failure or death

another problem is humans dont have any natural immunity against this virus
making us more vulnerable

i must say we all are probably more vulnerable to health issues from this years double barreled flu virus

so what can you do to prevent getting the snake or beer virus or the 2019-ncov virus

this will look familiar
dont travel to wahun china
wash your hands
wash your hands
cough into your elbow
cough into your elbow
stay away from sick folks with symptoms
if you have symptoms then stay home
if you have symptoms then stay home

this like the flu does each year to will pass

here are two articles reviewing the snake or beer virus
article one
article two

another reason i want to stay in the united states for my vacations

the organicgreen doctor

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