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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

mr hudsons new kidney


its been a long almost two years to wait for this day when mr hudson would get his new kidney
yesterday was that day

for those who dont know his story he was born with obstruction to the drainage system to the kidneys
this caused a permanent damage to his kidneys that allowed them to work only about 20-30%

it was discovered on an ultrasound during the second trimester
originally it was thought to be just one kidney but it turned out to be both

for delivery mom was transferred to cedars sinai hospital in los angeles
he was delivered in heart failure and kidney failure about 2 months early
after diuresing the fluid off him
if im remembering right he lost 2 lbs of fluid over several days
his heart returned to normal and at the one year follow up was still normal

his kidney function improved greatly for several days
as he grew he outgrew his kidneys and his kidney function tests called the bun and creatinine continued to climb

it was a race against time
would his kidneys work well enough to get him big enough to be able to get a new kidney
the goal was 20 lbs

if his kidneys got worse before he reached that 20 lb weight then he would have to undergone peritoneal dialysis where they run fluid in a tube in his belly then drain the fluid
by doing this the omentum in the belly acts like a kidney filter
if it had to be done it would have been done but ideally its better not to do this unless you just have to

then a living donor had to be found
the goal of the transplant team was to hold mom in reserve for his second transplant and see if a compatible donor could be found
the word was sent out via social media and media and at the end a living donor match with no blood connection to mr hudson was found
she was a better match then mom

so the date was set for april 21 then canceled due to the outbreak of covid 19
a month ago the transplanting of living donors were opened back up

the living donor was flown via private jet from the east coast to los angeles to protect her from the covid 19

the living donor donated her kidney in the morning
not long after that mr hudson started his transplant of his new kidney that took 5 hours to complete
during the procedure his right kidney and right ureter had to be removed since they were so dilated and enlarged making room for the new kidney
which fitted perfectly into his tummy on the right side
they were able to put it retroperitoneally which gives it a lot of stability and protection
his left kidney and ureter was left in place but may have to be removed sometime in the future

there was concern early on that they would have to do bladder repair and put in a tube from the bladder to the lower tummy but the testing showed that area was working ok
so that surgery did not have to be done
lets just say he could win a peeing contest in his age group

the kidney as described by the transplant surgeon as nice and pink and not long after it was placed into position began to produce urine lots of it

the surgery went well
he is on a ventilator in pediatric icu
he should be weaned off that today
he is being kept sedated so he wont fight all the tubes he has
his mom and dad are allowed to stay in the room with him
he will be in pediatric icu for 5 days then stay another week after that in a regular room

the new kidney produced a lot of urine at first then slowed down to an acceptible rate

for those medical people at surgery his bun was 117 then right after transplant it dropped to 77 then this morning it is normal at 25
his creatinine pre surgery was 8 then 3.5 right after surgery then this morning it is normal at 0.5

the donor who is in a hospital room reserved for celebrities is doing well
she facetimed hudsons parents in the afternoon during his surgery to make sure they were doing ok
she is a hero our hero mr hudsons hero
what a special person who did this to make hudsons life revert back to a more normal life
thank you thank you so much

she will be discharged from the hospital probably tomorrow or the next day
she will convalesce in santa barbara for a week before flying back to the east coast

i must say it was hard to sit here in my condo those last few hours of his surgery 100 miles away knowing that any other time we would all be in the waiting room giving mom and dad support
we have to wait to see him after he gets discharged

thats going to be a long wait again

thanks to all who sent well wishes to mr hudson and his family

the organicgreen doctor

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