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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, July 6, 2020

update on mr hudson

one night after mr hudson got out of the bathtub and wore his little animal towel mom snapped a picture of him
later a family friends sister did this drawing of that picture
when you compare it to the original it looks just as real

its time
we have been all been waiting a long time for this day tomorrow
it will be a life changing day for mr hudson

almost two years ago when he was born is when the parents got the full picture of what was wrong with mr hudson and gradually over the ensuing months they realized what would need to be done to ensure mr hudsons longer life
he would need a new kidney since his were permanently damaged in utero so they only worked about 20-30%
since birth with aggressive management the doctors have managed to squeeze almost 2 years out of his little ole kidneys to allow him to grow large enough to accept a small adult kidney

so word was sent out looking for someone who might match hudsons and would be willing to donate one of their kidneys to save his life

several folks reached out to donate their kidney but many were too old or too large or pregnant or several other reasons why to be able to donate

the numbers was down to just a few
when the matching was done one person not related turned out to be the best match
she lived on the east coast

the transplant folks wanted to hold mom back in case mr hudson had to have another transplant later
plus this person was the better match

everything was set up to be done in mid april
thats when the covid 19 appeared
all live donor transplants were canceled over most of the country
including mr hudsons

since april he has gained a lot of weight and has gotten bigger and taller so that now the new kidney will fit in his tummy better than had it been done in april

the new date tomorrow was set a few weeks ago for the transplant

one problem was getting the donor here without her getting the covid 19 on the way here
funds were raised and folks stepped forward with access to a private jet to fly her here to los angeles this last week

tomorrow both mr hudson and the donor will be admitted
the donors kidney will be taken then mr hudson will be given the new kidney
the transplant surgeon will be doing both surgeries
his procedure will take 4-5 hours to do

he will be in the pediatric icu for several days then will he is stable will be transferred to a regular room

this last month he has had to go every week spending the day in the hospital to receive iv drugs to suppress his immune system

every day he takes several drugs sodium chloride sodium bicarbonate calciferol an antibiotic bad tasting iron growth hormone shots and epigen shots to keep his bone marrow stimulated to produce red cells

he receives via his gtube feeding tube a special kidney formula and a special protein fat formula to help him gain weight

he also eat a regular diet but has not had much of an appetite since his kidneys have gotten worse

after the surgery he will go on pediasure and regular food
all the meds i listed above will be discontinued except for probably the antibiotic since the new kidney does all that they did for mr hudson

he will be given two meds to be taken twice a day and one once a day to prevent rejection
those will be taken forever until science comes up with a different regimen

the gtube will be left in place until he eats enough to sustain himself
it will also be used to keep the new kidney well hydrated since a little ole kid like him cant drink that much water via his mouth

one of the hard parts for me is that i have been with him from day one in the nicu and have been there for the doctors rounds and all the nephrology office visits and diagnostic studies until the covid 19 hit
now im not allowed in the hospital at all
only recently did they start letting both parents in

it was hard to hug him as they were leaving to go to los angeles
as they left there he was in his car seat looking out the window at my wife she and i and his sister ms b
i wish i knew what he was thinking as he looked at us

it really hurts inside not to be there in the hospital with him but at least both mom and dad will be able to be there together

as i told mom this is what we have been waiting for and its what will make his life better

yes tears were wiped from our eyes as they drove off

i would like to thank all of the 500+ people who donated to mr hudsons childrens organ transplant association or cota transplant fund
here is the link to mr hudsons fund page

these funds will be held for him to use for non insurance covered expenses and will be carried forward into the future for him to use for his medical care

the family has to stay in los angeles near the hospital for the next month

thanks again for everyones concerns and kind words as we have gone through this journey

a new one starts for mr hudson starting tomorrow

we are all ready

the organicgreen doctor

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