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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, July 27, 2020

this isnt going to end well


mr hudson update
he is tentatively scheduled for discharge from the hospital tomorrow
thats two weeks later than expected
his mom says she can tell he is ready to leave since he is tired of getting messed with
ie blood draws ivs shots meds ultrasounds lots of specialists etc
if he could talk im sure he would say
i wanna go home

after a week he was doing great
the new kidney was working great
he spiked a high fever for a few days
a septic workup was done which lead to 2 antibiotics an antifungal and an antiviral to be given iv
he had lots of testing and lots of labs
when his fever persisted he had a ct scan done which the contrast used stunned the new kidney
his bun and creatinine climbed up but the new kidney responded well and is almost now back to normal
the ct scan was normal
his picc line developed a blood clot in it
he had to go on iv blood thinners ie heparin to prevent the clot from dislodging nad going to the lungs
he did several days of iv heparin
the picc line was removed
yesterday reevaluation showed the blood clot was now gone
the heparin and his body removed it
thank goodness
now he has to take 6 weeks of anticoagulation therapy ie coumadin or warfarin

on tuesday he is where he should have been 2 weeks ago

he is happy playful and ready for discharge
they will remain in los angeles after discharge for 4-6 weeks since he has to have frequent transplant clinic visits each week for awhile

its been a long long journey but finally its coming to a end

i have been thinking a lot about kids going back to school this fall
my thoughts
everyone just needs to take a covid year off
all the schools need to be virtual schools this year
next year hopefully there will be less of an outbreak due to more herd immunity and hopefully a vaccine to protect us all from this awful highly contagious disease

recently i wrote this blog titled should schools open 
my answer then was no
my answer now is even more of a no

in texas many schools will be virtual at the beginning then after a few weeks will then go live
in florida schools are told to open
in california the schools are all going to be virtual all year
so californa said done decision made now lets figure out how to best do virtual school
those who decide to start live will probably all end up virtual anyway

these three states may end up being worse than new york was at its peak
here is what is going to happen in those states florida and texas
the kids will go back to school
there is absolutely in those states with the outbreaks as bad as it is that they can safely have those kids return to school

wear a mask maybe they will keep them on and not be touching them all day
safely distance thats not going to happen
wash or disinfect their hands a lot
it only takes a few seconds for them to recontaminate their little hands

if one of them has the germ it will be spread to the other kids to the teachers the principal the secretaries the custodial folks the librarian the cooks and the chef etc
it will be spread
guaranteed to happen one hundred percent

these infected folks will take it home to
their immunosuppressed family members like pregnant folks new babies grandparents great grandparents aunts uncles relatives with high risk diseases like hypertension heart disease diabetes asthma emphysema arthritis that suppresses the immune systems transplant patients like mr hudson etc

we arent like the other countries that have safely returned to schools
they did what needed to be done to control their outbreaks
we here in the us seemed to not have the will power socially and politically it takes to control this covid outbreak
we failed and they didnt
we cant endanger our kids and their families this way

now ms b was not going to go to school anyway this year
the transplant folks had requested that she be home schooled for at least 6 months
this was before the covid 19 outbreak occurred
now she will be in virtual school with the rest of her kindergartner class this year

that is the only safe way to do this for schools this year
if they dont
mark my word
nothing good is going to come of this

the organicgreen doctor

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