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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, November 2, 2020

covid 19-covid kindergarten


last friday ms b had her 50th day of kindergarten class
i know because 3 days a week i sit with her from 830am to 1000am as her monitor while she does her class
yes i wear a n95 mask while i am there

why does she do virtual kindergarten class
for one her school is only doing virtual classes
this week when they can start back to live classes
she has about 17 students in her class
most i think are choosing to stay with virtual classes

why you may ask
this last weekend we had over 90,000+ new cases in the us in one day
in about a month that will show up as increased hospitalizations 
then a week or two after they the death rate will climb
with halloween and thanksgiving and christmas those numbers will continue to climb and climb

if ms b goes back to school and brings back the covid 19 virus into her household
now she probably wont have much symptoms 
in her immediate family there are those at high risk if they get infected
her brother mr h who is on immunosuppressive drugs and just had a kidney transplant and two sets of grandparents and a great grandma
if this virus gets into her household via the school
ms b could lose most of her family tree thats alive today

that why ms b is doing virtual kindergarten

so we all taking a covid 19 year off to make it safe at her house

so as her kindergarten monitors she has a retired doctor a retired school teacher an ex preschool teacher an ex school teacher 
i do it three days a week
others help her with her online homework after the virtual kindergarten class
for her this is working out ok
not perfect but ok

now the last 3 years i have spent 2 hours on thursday with this kindergarten teacher and class as they do their gardening with me 
i also sat through part of their inside classes
so i sort of know how she is doing compared to what she would be doing if their classe were all live

they really are missing out on the social part of school
those one on one interactions that kids and schools do

lucky for ms b her teacher is experienced and is doing a good job

now other countries have done a better job of opening schools than we have done
but they are generally doing a better job of controlling their outbreaks
ie south korea and china eg and some european schools

we dont seem to have what it takes to do what needs to be done to get this under control

so we have all decided to do the best we can since our best is good enough
thats what ms bs kindergarten teacher tells them each day

so this is ms b in her halloween costume sitting at our dining room table doing her zoom kindergarten class
her teacher asked them all to wear their costumes to class
got out her ipad
logged in with the 10 digit password
opened up her zoom class
off she went into her online virtual kindergarten class

one benefit from helping her is that i have learned to do a zoom meeting and how to do all the things you do like mute and unmute and video etc
ms b taught me how to do it
when the class is over with she logs off
then goes to her at home recess

she only knows her classmate by seeing them on the zoom screen
they do have time they can interact with each other at virtual play time

i do look forward to the day they can run and play together

in the meantime
zoom kindergarten class
zoom homework
as we all take our covid year off
that if we do 
we will all be here when its over with so we can all get together again

be safe

wear a mask
keep your distance
avoid gatherings we are going to be as risk this year with the numbers climbing
wash your hands

the organicgreendoctor

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