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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

election day where the polls are today


i hope at the end of today that all of you have one of these stickers to wear even if you didnt vote like i did
the more of us that vote the better it is for our democracy

i looked back four years to see what i wrote on election day in 2016
i listed things that needed to be fixed
yep you got it
none of it has been fixed

here are the things so that whoever wins today will you please fix them
social security medicare immigration taxes race relations climate change infrastructure improve our healthcare coverage jobs

this morning i took a look at the polls of polls which are sort of a average of the polls
then later next week i want to go back and see how accurate they were

here are the state by state of those swing states polls for president
biden is listed first then trump

national    52   42

arizona     49   46
pennsylvania     50   44
florida      49   46
georgia    49   46
north carolina   51   46
michigan  51   42
wisconsin 52   42
minnesota 50   41
nevada      49   43
texas         46   48
ohio          46   46
iowa          45  47

if these polls are correct then biden will win big
pennsylvania and ohio and iowa and florida and arizona and georgia are probably all neck and neck
they could go either way
well iowa is  probably leaning more to trump than biden

well lets just see how this all turns out
if the polls are all wrong then we may not be able to trust them 
if the polls are right then they are doing their job

we should know soon how accurate these are

here are the states senate races that are important in deciding who gains the control of the senate
biden needs 3 gains to control things
right now before the election its 53 to 47 in favor of the republicans

the senate races are listed as democrats first then republicans second
georgia has two senate races but im only listing one of them since the other one has too many folks running and will end up in a runoff

arizona      52   46   note its probably closer than that
colorado    52   44
texas          45   50
georgia      47   46
north carolina   48   46
maine        48   42   susan collins is probably closer than this 
iowa          48   47
colorado    52   44
south carolina   44   46   lindsey graham may make it 
kentucky    40   52   mitch will probably be back

many of the senate races are too close to say who will win
we will just have to wait

one thing when you look at the presidential poll of polls is almost all of them lean to biden
thats why we all have to vote and get our votes counted
its the counted votes that count and not the polls when this is all over

here is what i wrote 4 years ago
its probably more important now than it was back then 

there are a lot of things that need fixing
it will only happen if both sides work together

i am hoping
this will be like when you were a kid
when you and your siblings
got in a knockdown drag out fight
the next day you make up
play together

we need to be like kid siblings starting on wednesday
no matter who wins

the organicgreen doctor

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