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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

covid 19-the vaccine is a real big deal


i dont remember much from when i was real young but i do have this one memory of being in a long line at the school in southern arkansas with a lot of people 
we were all there to get this sugar cube polio vaccine that helped to end the polio outbreaks in the united states and eventually the world

families use to have to worry about the summer as thats when the outbreaks occurred
my sister had a best friend who was stricken with polio that left her paralyzed in one leg
she was left with a life of crutches and braces
at least she survived

i and my four brothers always admired her big biceps from walking on crutches all the time
she could beat all of us in arm wrestling
had the vaccine for polio come along in time she would have been spared

it was that generations pandemic
interesting is that many of those folks who were infected are still alive
they are elderly and are now facing possible death if they get infected with covid 19
what a shame to survive polio then have covid 19 be what kills you

we are in the throes of the worst of the covid 19 pandemic
i just read where mayo clinic in minnesota one of the nations best healthcare system is getting overwhelmed
they have 1000 healthcare workers out either with covid 19 infections or from being quarantine for exposure

texas just reached a million cases of covid 19
if you know texas you know football is god there
i jsut read where a local high school hit with covid 19 is closing school and is forfeiting their playoff game
when that happens in texas you know its bad

in the dakotas the positivity rate is over 50%
thats real high
if it was that high here i wouldnt go out my door
here our positivity rate is 1.9

we are looking at a bad dark next few months with covid 19 infections

photo from this article by the washington post

this happened
it was announced that pfizers new covid 19 vaccine is over 90% effective
that folks 
is a real big deal

thats the effective rate of the polio vaccine and the measles vaccine

this along with the other vaccines coming out are what it appears to be what we have been waiting for

its is our sugar cube to help end this pandemic

the way it works is it uses messenger rna to make spike proteins that are on the surface of the covid 19
these manmade proteins when injected as a vaccine makes your body produce antibodies against the covid 19
this approach makes the vaccine have such high effectiveness

so the vaccine does not have any live virus in it

it works
that is what we have been waiting for
everyone was looking at at least 50% effectiveness for the vaccine to have a chance
90% is a gift

the plan is to start giving the vaccine to first responders before the end of the year
next will be high risk individuals
that would be older folks and those immunocompromised
in our immediate family that would be my wife she and i and my mother in law and mr hudson
the rest of the nation would get this vaccine

this should slow down or end the pandemic
we all get immunized

its possible or should i say probable that those who refuse to be vaccinated will not be able to work certain jobs or participate in certain activities
since they will be a threat to our health

so we have a few months before we all can get immunized
it would be real sad to be one of those who died with covid 19 just before the vaccine gets here

we all need to be real vigilant during these prevaccine times
these upcoming holidays are so crucial to slowing this upsurge

listen to the new president elect
what he is telling or asking you to do is the right thing
remember this virus could care less whom you voted for 
it just wants victims 

avoid gatherings
taking thanksgiving or christmas off this year may allow your loved one to be at next years celebrations
we are so close now to being where we need to be
we cant let up 

wear a mask anytime you go out the door
it protects you and it protects others

wash and sanitize your hands

keep a safe distance

reconsider any travel this winter

dong all this is so important 
your loved ones lives depend on it
your jobs and our economy depend on it

we may be so close now to returning back to normal
its all on us now

the organicgreen doctor

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