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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, November 29, 2021

covid 19-oh my cron variant


thats what im calling the new variant omicron
oh my cron
since when i heard about this new covid variant variant
i said to my wife she
oh my

its official designation is b.1.1.529

it caused
the stock market to go down
the oil prices to drop
countries to close their borders

its in the uk and europe and in canada
you know its here already
what a christmas present for all of us

is this the one we have been worried about
that super variant that is immune to our vaxxines and to our antibodies obtained naturally via immunization or infection or antibody infusions

is it that the virus that overwhelms us

well thats the worse case scenario 

i worried when i listened to well known infectious disease folks who all seemed to have that worried look on their faces

this oh my cron variant has over 50 mutations mostly on its spike proteins the sticky things that sticks to our cells and infect us
its those virus parts that the antibodies work against
changing that many may make the vaxxine less effective or worst not effective at all

it will take about 2-3 weeks before we know how really bad this oh my cron variant is

lets see thats about right before christmas and new years when there is a lot of traveling going on
stirring up the covid pot so those unvaxxed and those with decreased antibody protection will be the ones getting infected

from reading about the oh my cron variant here is maybe what may happen
based on what is known and expected to happen

this virus is more highly transmittable than the delta virus which was more transmittable than the original virus
some folks said it the oh my cron variant is 100x more transmittable
if so it may overtake the delta as the predominant variant 

it appears that the vaxxines may prevent folks from getting real sick and dying we hope
but that the protection from being single vaxxed or double vaxxed is decreased
getting triple vaxxxed provides better protection
remember being triple vaxxed may keep you from spreading covid to others
being double vaxxed may not

we dont know yet if the oh my cron variant causes worse disease or not
if it does then it will dominant and make a lot of folks real sick
causing a 5th wave they probably will call the oh my cron wave

by christmas we will know how worried to be

oh by the way ivermectin and chloroquinoline doesnt work against this one either
if you chose to use these make sure you are triple vaxxed also

how bad it will be will be determined by how susceptible it is to all the antibodies we have in our bodies

its thought there will be partial protection enough to protect us from severe disease

if its a superspreader you will see it take over fast and cause a lot of illness
how bad will be determined soon

luckily it seems the new antivirals like the new pfizer one will probably work
the antibody infusions may not be as effective though

the best thing to do is to get triple vaxxxed
if you got two pfizers or two modernas you need your third booster asap
if you got jandj you probably dont have good protection against the delta or this oh my cron variant 
you need to get your booster also asap
it the third vaxxine can keep you from transmitting covid to others

i spoke to two pregnant folks last week
their obstetricians recommended they get triple vaxxed at 28 weeks to protect themselves and their babies
remember pregnancy causes the immune system to be immunosuppressed
late in pregnancy covid can cause preterm labor and still births
so easy to prevent this from happening

bottom line
make sure you are triple vaxxed asap to be ready
now is the time 
waiting may be too late if this oh my cron variant is a bad one

we lost our first relative this week to covid
they were unvaxxed and in their 50s
its sad to lose someone to covid since we know it shouldnt happen

so here is what togd and his wife she are going to do different to get ready for this new 
oh my cron variant

thats right

we are already doing what we should do 
we are triple vaxxxed
we wear our masks most of the time
especially around vulnerable people
we safe distance from others as much as possible
we only get together with vaxxxed folks
we dont plan to travel yet or to attend large gatherings

thats what we have been doing since we were double vaxxed earlier this year

now is the time to access where you are with what you are doing to protect yourselves and your vulnerable loved ones

the most important thing to do is to get triple vaxxed

remember it will infect the 
the vaxxed who have waning immunity 

the rest of us will probably have good protection

listen to the experts
ive got my favorite infectious disease experts i listen to
they know 
they do have that deer in the headlight look though with this one
they all say 
we wont really know for 2-3 weeks

i at first felt sad and depressed when i first heard about this
im tired of wearing a mask and limiting what i do
i realized that on a day to day basis i really dont have to change what im doing
just keep on doing what i was doing
which is what i planned to do anyway 

i saw some hope listening to my favorite experts
made me
feel a little better about all this

i hate waiting though
is this what its like to be in a war

the organicgreen doctor

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